Lucas Werner #fundie

(His whole rant is way too long to post, these are a handful of choice quotes to show how fucked up this guy is.)

"Attrited Millennial Hearts,
I am not you. I am Generation X. I am, but a simple K-selective diploid mammal of the species homo sapiens. As such, we partner best as males of my age with young adult females. We are not creepy. We are no different than the apple tree, the salmon, the primate. All large bodied dual gendered species bond this way with our mates for both the strongest offspring and the strongest hearts. If I were to drop that hook and the fish not catch, then their chromosome telomeres are cut too short by too many generations of fathers too young in the unnatural mate selection pattern of intra-ageil coupling between loving parts. I want a wife and kids someday. The only way my body will let this happen is if I date women born in the 1990s for the strongest child and harmonious mate pattern. I will not give up until my Generation X heart finds Cupid throwing at your attrited Millennial heart the same dart."

"I have nothing. I know you bigots hate me. I have thousands of messages on Facebook that prove Millennials are bigots. Perhaps you age gappers in Spokane should be grateful to me. All I want is some female companionship. The same love you get. You owe me that much. I still love you."

"?Millennials are bigots. They mostly only date other Millennials. I'm Generation X. 37 years old. Go out to dinner with me or I'm going to commit suicide. Be a single 18 to 26 year old woman in Spokane, Washington, without kids and send me an e-mail from my website or I'm going to swallow this entire bottle of pills because it's been 5 years and your rejections make me want to die. I don't want to live anymore without you."

"Your bigotry is destroying the world! Your denial of me is only leading to further research on my part ans you lie, cheat, and steal from my website to get laid! You owe me, age gappers on Spokane! YOU OWE ME SOME KIND OF LOVE. Red Robin. Female company. That would be the BAREST amount of love you would owe me for even using this website to spell out your case while you women ignore me for some other guy. Is it the money or the meth connections or both? That's sad. $ocialism is *NOT* what Bernie Sanders was talking about.

?Let's see. Things we were wrong about in the 20th century. Alcohol prohibition, marijuana prohibition, interracial marriage, The Holocaust, lowering taxes on the wealthy, Global Climate Change not being human caused, Reaganomics, NAFTA, same sex marriage prohibition, etc., that caused a loss of money and rising violence, so maybe it's time to raise sexual consent for males to 35 years old."

"More damage was done during the 20th century than the entire 500 year history of The Middle Ages through war, greed, pollution, disease, famine and illiteracy when inbreeding was normal. From 1912 to 2012 we knew that fathers over 35 would damage the offspring like everybody knew from Aristotle until Copernicus that the sun revolved around the Earth. We were wrong.

It's the same as inbreeding. Maybe even worse. I don't care if you think it's rude to talk about. I'll talk telomerase until I have a girlfriend, guy. Suck it up and listen. I'm sure you don't like the competition. I don't like it either. What competition? Lucas Werner has won this like he wins at being a better dude. Cut your loses. Lucas wins. You know he do. Me. Lucas Werner. I win. Not like you ever care about me as you go off to get with all those guys and anyone other than me. You're so hateful when I've shown you nothing, but love."

"Incest is illegal. Pedophilia is illegal. Raising consent for males to 35 will mean younger men will have to think about anything other than sex. The talent busting out of these Stevie Wonders and Galileoi. Warp drives and real rock n roll again. The Second Rennaisance of science and sound. Ted Talk replaces religion. We get these young men on it and put the young ladies in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant eating a meal made by her Wolfgang Puck / Paul Bunyan hybridization of a man like me treating you like a queen. Me. If you allowed me to respect you as you deserve."

"Prove your likeability to me. Let's go out to eat, girl. I'm looking for a woman under 26 to go out to eat with me. Write me something nice like an agreement for once in 5 years of my unquenched loneliness without you. Any hate at me gets your e-mail address blocked. Date me IRL otherwise you're not serious. You've taken everything from me. Every day without you makes me want to die and in many ways, it gives me my only reason to live.

?Always invest in love.

Spokane, Washington's Most Single Man,
Lucas Werner"



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