rev.dave #fundie

Last week I saw a demon with a goats head, a mans body, cloven hooves and was silver in color. I went on the attack rebuking and castingout. But I still sensed him in the area. So after much prayer and fasting I no longer sense its presence. Then today the Holy Spirit showed me a "spirit of a python". I think these demons are being sent out against our team. I am not familiar with the first demon, and know very little about the python spirit. Has anyone else seen these demons? Can anyone one give me any info on these demons? Because of my schedule, 3 services on sunday, 1 on tuesday, 1 on wednesday, 1 on thursday, I am hard pressed for time to do proper research. What are there manifestatations or traits?
I was also threatened by some other demons with violent death, death by butcher knife!

My friends, there are demons appearing as monsters all over the globe. In fact, they are becoming more embolden, as they come on church property in an attempt to instill fear. Fear has gripped North America and they know that most Americans are scared of their activity. Their work continues unhindred.

We must take our SWORDS and banish their presence in the holy name & blood of Jesus!



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