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I'm not sure where this would go, but since it does deal with the subject of evolution on one level. I thought I would post it here.

There is currently a movement going on to get people to commit the unpardonable sin. Which is blasphemy of the Holy Ghost (KJV). Being a creationist, I have made the connection to evolution through Richard Dawkins being in support of this group. And allowing his picture to be used to promote the cause. Dawkins has more or less become the poster boy for any hate towards Christians being spewed from the interbet, or his published books.

And because this hate is not really scientific in any way. It leaves the only thing left that every atheist believes that is doing this, which is Evolution. What this proves is why Hitler did what he did through evolution. And why this same hate is now brewing on the same level through several websites who promote the same subject to one degree or another.

It is estimated that around 3,000 teenagers go to this site to blaspheme the Holy Spirit and deny God. In hopes they will lock themselves into a hell they can never be dragged out of. The owner of this site actually targets teens as he puts adds on teen sites. His goal? To eliminate the Christian way of thinking in ten years.


It's about half way down that page. This actually proves that what Hitler did was mainly based on the evolution theory.



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