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[An excerpt from a book called How to be a Successful Teenager, published by Chick Publications. The sickest think you will ever read.]

The Secret About Hell

It was a gruesome sight!

When Bill arrived, there had obviously been a horrible accident. A severely smashed car was laying upside down in the middle of the road.

As Bill approached, he saw Susan, a teenage girl, trapped inside, furiously pounding on the window and screaming for help.

Just as Bill reached her car, it exploded in flames, knocking him backwards. As the flames engulfed Susan, Bill found a large rock and quickly smashed the windshield. He grabbed Susan's burning body and dragged her to safety.

As he rolled Susan in some nearby grass to extinguish the flames, the stench of her burning flesh almost caused him to pass out. She was burning over most of her body and was screaming in agony.


Teen, as ghastly as that story is, it does not begin to describe the horrors of a real place that real people are sent to every day.

The place is hell. It's a place of eternal torment where people burn day and night forever and ever in undying flames.

Susan suffered excruciating pain and horrible burns but at least she escaped with her life.

In hell, there is not escape - ever! And there is no hope. For all eternity, every person in hell will scream in horror as roaring flames engulf their body, just like Susan did when she was burning. And it doesn't matter what you believe about hell:

- It doesn't matter if you don't believe hell exists - it does.

- It doesn't matter if you believe that a loving God would never send anyone to such a place - He does.

- It doesn't matter if you think I am trying to scare you into believing God and doing what He wants you to do - I'm not.



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