tiffanybw #fundie

My oldest daughter is into all of this new age stuff, aka worshipping Satan.

For me, I don't even like the word religion. Or what I mean, is that I agree with atheists, I HATE all "religion". Because all religion is in worship to Satan. What I believe in, is TRUTH. That truth is in the Bible. That truth is Jesus Christ. Everything else = religion, satan and man made, worship of Satan.

I've learned so much about new age. Because of my daughter, and also because I myself was demonically attacked for a period of time, due to me needing to change a thing about my life, me being intentionally out of God's Will. My problem was alcohol. And I was again and again "messing up", giving in and drinking after Jesus had clearly told me NO. Because I wasn't listening to Him, I was left open to attack.



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