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The Coming Theocracy is a Good Thing.

With this post, I may-and I emphasize may-be parting ways, or leaving behind or coming to a fork in the road regarding my online relationship with some of my WN/ethnonationalist friends and comrades. We’ll see.

The reason for this will probably be because what I see coming down the road as I have called in the title, will appear to many of them as a bad thing, when actually it is a good thing.

The word theocracy of course indicates “religion” and brings to the minds of many, the Afgan Taliban, or at minimum, the Muslim religion resembling something like what exists in Saudi Arabia, or one of the other Middle Eastern countries.

Religious rule, according to views of those who worship at the altar of democracy like multitudes of Americans, is uncivilized, backwards, stone age, and neanderthal. Of course, as I have been “preaching” on here from March 2010, they who hold such views, are themselves also religious in their defense of democracy, and are fanatical in fighting and defending it, having no compunction in lying, subterfuge and hypocracy while doing so. Democracy is the peoples right to corrupt, pornify, and defile ones own nation/country, under the guise of “freedom” or “freedom of expression”, while simultaneously being protected by the government from any consequences of their actions.

The impetus behind democracy is evil and my friends and comrades better get used to this truth. We are not just at war with a bunch of deceived, otherwise decent people just like us. No. Democracy may have a nice face on the surface; an apparent desire to do good and pushing programs/laws/policies to make the world a better place to live, but behind this Walmart smiley face is the power of darkness – evil.

The Obama’s, Pelosi’s, Reid’s; the bankers of all the various capitols in the world, most congressmen, etc, all operate to further the ends of evil in their sphere of influence. My friends and comrades must come to the understanding and get used to the idea that we are in a religious war, and that we are on the side of good, fighting against evil.

Having this knowledge, makes our job easier. To refuse this knowledge because of prejudice against christianity or religion in general, causes us to wage war with one arm tied behind our backs.

Many say christianity is just an extention of jewry. Yes, as I have repeated ad infinitum, much of today’s version of christianity is totally jewified and in love with all things, israhell. The Texas preacher Hagee and his followers for instance. However, the deceived exceptions do not make the rule. Just because many professing christians have apostasized – fallen away from the truth – does not make the whole lump worthy of disgarding. We should not treat christians the same way we treat jews. Many of the former have partial blindness at present, but the ONE who is in charge of this whole thing is able to open their eyes at the proper time, so that they can be of great assistance in the coming days.



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