Not Perfect, But Forgiven #fundie

Modern science is no longer a practice, but a religious belief system. Many scientific methods and theories have been defeated and proven wrong, such as carbon 14 dating, macro-evolution, darwinism, and fossilization time requirements. However, if a professor comes out and says that, he will lose his pension, tenure and good standing in the scientific community, and be labeled a wacko. One cannot advance in science without discovering God, if even by accident. I live in Colorado, and there is evidence of Noah's flood everywhere. You can still find sea shells in the mountains. You can also find signs of water damage and erosion up there as well. My wife lived in a farming community for most of her life, and she told me about the many sea shells her and her siblings would find in the corn field. The funny thing is, when clams die, their mouths open. These are all closed, meaning they died in an aquatic event that happened very quickly and violently, like say...a worldwide cataclysmic flood.

Science has long known about all that the bible has been telling us. Bones of giants are found all over the world all the time. You never hear about it, because if a scientist announces this type of discovery, it supports what the bible says about there being giants in ancient times, and they could lose credibility in the scientific community.
Science has become a religion.



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