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[previous poster said: I've looked at your site and am interested in how Christians are persecuted in this country. How? I don't see it. Thinking logically (and Biblically) about this topic, either:

1. Christians are Persecuted in the U.S., or

2. Christians are not Persecuted in the U.S. *it goes on in this vein*]

There were at least two such "hate crimes" reports this last year. I will try to find the documentation and post it here. These crimes against Christians were not reported by the mainstream media. It doesn't serve their purpose. Political correctness calls for a public perception of gays and other minority groups as victims while Christians must be perceived to be perpetrators. That's why there are very few reports about the volume of gay on gay violence.

Whether you believe it or not, our media is biased against Biblical Christianity. The new universalist form of Christianity -- which adapts to the new vision of community consensus and a pantheistic universal spirituality -- is okay. It doesn't offend anyone. But don't mention Jesus Christ or the cross. That would offend people.



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