The search for code #announcement

Search is progressing, the query powering the new search page is remarkably fast, I now know we have over 11,000 comments using the word 'Moron' and I can return the lot in under a second. Except the syntax involved doesn't let me do one of my standard shortcuts to use fewer lines of SQL to do more work. I need to invest some time in ensuring I can dynamically create the query without leaving it open to security holes, which I plan to do over the course of this week.

For those who didn't notice in the comments of the last post I have the sample site up. Check it out, give me some thoughts, once I have search working as intended I'll be moving on to getting archive selections working somehow, which will be interesting.

In utterly unrelated news, the new Mad Max movie is a good movie. People calling it feminist are making a bit of a leap as it's not exactly new territory, but people jump the gun on this kind of thing all the time. It is however an excellent follow up to the road warrior and does a few things that actually make the third movie suck less. Max is Max, cars are cool, explosions are awesome, world is fucked.



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