Marci Warren

I've got skin in this game! I'm scared breathless!
Stop cracking jokes already!
We're a country divided over Republican or Democrat and it's a freaking shame!
One life lost is too much! I'm not Trump's biggest supporter, but he made a move to take out a murdering terrorist. Terrorism is not ok, no matter what your platform! Don't shame our boys for answering their call simply because you don't agree with it. They've taken the issue away from our shores to keep their loved ones safe.
As a mother of an 82nd Airborne soldier, I've got so much at stake, more than most of you. I take offense to the jokes! Don't mock my Son while he puts his life on the line for you! And for those on the other side of things, how dare you shame our sons for protecting your miserable right to complain about your country! If you're so sorry that your country took a step to stop a terrorist (that had already murdered Americans) than why don't you go live the Iranian way?
We don't have to love our President, but we should stand behind him during this frightening time. Think of the picture we paint as a nation divided! We paint a picture of weak, foolish, ignorance and and fear. That's the story our enemies are reading, that's the story that'll spill blood on our soil.
Don't mess with my sons life! He's fighting for his family and brothers and I'll be darned if my fellow Americans make it all in vain.
If you can't be proud of our president at least be proud of our boys!
(Edited to add)
I am humbled by the overwhelmingly huge response my post has generated. Thousands praying......I feel our boys are safer tonight. I believe in the power of prayer. Thank you America for renewing this mother's faith in our citizens. God bless America and our troops! đź’š change your porch lights to green in support of our troops until they come home.



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