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Franklin Graham #wingnut facebook.com

This is a sad day for America. Our politics in this country has hit a new low. Nancy Pelosi and her followers in Congress have weaponized the impeachment process. After two years of the Russia collusion hoax, now they’ve turned to this. In my opinion, asking another country to investigate corruption is a good thing—not a bad thing. This is just another attempt to tarnish and embarrass the President before the next election. We have so many problems in this nation that need to be addressed. Instead the Democrats are fixated on only one thing—removing President Donald J. Trump from office. Pray for President Trump today, for God to give him wisdom, protection, and guide each and every step he takes. I pray that he and Melania will sense the presence of the Lord through this unjust inquisition.

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Rayburne Winsor #fundie facebook.com

Rayburne Winsor: First of all, you must distinguish between operational or experimental science, which can be observed, tested and repeated in a laboratory, from historical or Origins science which cannot. Even evolutionists admit hat. Neither biblical creation nor "goo-to-you, molecules to man" evolution can be proven. The Tree of life (GTE or Thesis of Common Ancestry) is just an unproven hypothesis at best. What evolutionists conveniently do is extrapolate "change in gene frequency over time" or "descent with modification" and rapid speciation (which creationists have always believed to be compatible with biblical creation) as evidence for vertical (primitive to complex) change that increases the genetic information content in the genome. It is not. All alleged "proofs" of "evolution in action" today do not show that functional new information is added to genes; rather, they involve sorting and/or loss of genetic information. Let us examine the fossil record. After, 150 years after Darwin and alleged millions of years of gradual evolution-by-creeps [too slow to see], evolution-by-peaks [too fast to see] and evolution-by-freaks (genetic mutations still harmful-produces nothing new by way of transmutations: snails remain snails, clams clams, trilobites trilobites, jellyfish jellyfish, birds birds, fish fish, apes apes, man man) , we have only a few highly disputed intermediate or so-called transitional fossils that could cover a billiard table and are highly disputed even among evolutionists themselves.

What scientists find in the fossil record are completely formed and intact fossils of all life-forms without a hint of evolutionary ancestors or "transitional" fossils in the geological strata beneath them (evidence for biblical creation). And what do we have in the so-called hierarchy of human evolutionary ancestors that you see neatly and orderly arranged in some museum? You have nothing more than illustrations and drawings like you see in textbooks, or plaster of Paris reconstructions of candidates (supposedly intermediate or transitional) out of the wild imagination of some artist paid to tell the evolutionary story? All you are seeing in museums are STORIES ABOUT EVIDENCE, not actual material evidence of bones and in-between stages of evolutionary development. Detailed analysis of a number of various "ape-man" candidates shows that they are either fully ape-like or fully human, not transitional or even mosaic. Australopithecines were not ancestral to modern man, and Lucy was a knuckle-walker . Homo habilis is a "taxonomic wastebin". Homo erectus was a variety of Homo sapiens (Humans), with overlapping cranial capacity and morphology and even seafaring ability. Homo erectus, including Java Man, was just a post-Babel variety of Homo sapiens (modern man), and had seafaring ability. Some of the ape-man candidates are based on very fragmentary remains such as Ardipithecus and Orrorin. Artists are told to make their drawings look "more transitional"; there is plenty of leeway since skin, hair, lips and noses are not fossilized.

David Murray: abiogenesis is not evolution, open a grade school level science book as you are not smarter than a fifth grader. Then learn how to use google
List of transitional fossils - Wikipedia

Rayburne Winsor This is not science; it is science fiction. You have nothing more than illustrations and drawings like you see in textbooks, or plaster of Paris reconstructions of candidates (supposedly intermediate or transitional) out of the wild imagination of some artist paid to tell the evolutionary story? All you are seeing in museums are STORIES ABOUT EVIDENCE, not actual material evidence of bones and in-between stages of evolutionary development. Detailed analysis of a number of various "ape-man" candidates shows that they are either fully ape-like or fully human, not transitional or even mosaic. Australopithecines were not ancestral to modern man, and Lucy was a knuckle-walker . Homo habilis is a "taxonomic wastebin". Homo erectus was a variety of Homo sapiens (Humans), with overlapping cranial capacity and morphology and even seafaring ability. Homo erectus, including Java Man, was just a post-Babel variety of Homo sapiens (modern man), and had seafaring ability. Some of the ape-man candidates are based on very fragmentary remains such as Ardipithecus and Orrorin. Artists are told to make their drawings look "more transitional"; there is plenty of leeway since skin, hair, lips and noses are not fossilized.


Rayburne Winsor: I have heard the same old crap during the last 40 years of discussing this topic with atheists, science students and skeptics. Most of which is highly speculative in nature and not surprisingly based on evolutionary assumptions and predictions (nothing ew). But what real evidence, if any, do they have. As I said, a few supposedly “transitional” fossils that even evolutionists highly dispute among themselves.
Charles Oxnard, formerly professor of Anatomy and biological Sciences at the University of Southern California and Professor of Human Anatomy and Human Biology , University of Western Australia, showed that the big toe of the famous “Lucy” stuck out as in chimpanzees.

Also, Dr. Fred Spoor, Professor of Evolutionary Anatomy at University College London, UK , and joint editor of the Journal of Human Evolution , performed CAT scans of australopithecine inner ear canals , the organs of posture and balance. This showed that they did not walk habitually upright (See Spoor, F, Wood, B., and Zonneveld, F., Implications of early hominid morphology for evolution of human bipedal locomotion, Nature 369 (6482):645-648, 1994). This is all contrary to Dawkins’ claim that Lucy “walked upright on her hind legs...on two feet which were pretty much like ours although its brain was the size of a chimpanzee. Indeed, evidence now suggests that Lucy had wrist-locking abilities “classic for knuckle walkers” which is hardly consistent with Dawkins claim that ucy walked upright like we do (Stokstad, E., Hominid ancestors may have knuckle walked, Science 287 (5461) :2131, 2000, citing the first author of Richmond, B. G. and Strait, D.S. , Evidence that humans evolved from a knuckle walking ancestor , Nature 404 (6776):382, 2000). Museums once featured Australopithecus africanus as an ancestor to humans---A. Africanus includes “Mrs Ples” (now thought to be small “Mrs Ples”) and the Taung child (Dawkins, The Greatest Show on Earth, p.189-193) . Donald Johanson , the discoverer of “Lucy” , places Australopithecus africanus in a side-branch not leading to man (Johanson, D. C. and White T.D. , A Systematic Assessment of Early African Hominids , Science 203:321-330, 1979) and many museums have now demoted this once certain human ancestor to a non-ancestor.

Time magazine reported on a specimen called Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba, dated between 5.6 and 5.8 million years old. Time claimed that this new specimen was already walking upright , at (what they claim was ) the dawn of evolution. But how clear is this really> Time reports the opinion of the discoverer of “Lucy”, Donald Johanson : “Beyond that, he’s dubious about categorizing the 5.2 million year old toe bone (Ardipithecus) with the rest of the fossils : not only is it separated in time by several hundred thousand years, but it was also found some 10 miles from the rest (Lemonick, M.D. and Dorfman, A., One Giant Step for Mankind, Time magazine cover story, 23 July 2001). Note that this toe was the major “evidence” for uprightness, yet, at being found 10 miles away , it boggles the mind how it could be regarded as part of the same specimen. As one researcher put it regarding the fossils and human evolution, “Fossils are fickle. Bones will sing any song you want to hear” ( Shreeve, J., Argument over a woman, Discover 11 (8):58, 1990).

When the various fossils are analyzed in depth, they turn out not to be transitional or even mosaic. That is my last comment. I don't really care what you come back with. You believe what you want. You seem to enjoy calling me dishonest and a liar, but David the truth is you would not know the truth if it was standing right in front of you. I will leave it to the readers to decide who is honest and truthful based on real evidence and scientific research, for which I gave clear references, mostly from evolutionary journals and publications, not straw dummy arguments without evidence to support it. Of course, I know you will deny that too as dishonest and a lie. Right?
Honestly, I don't feel sorry for guys like you who are brainwashed by the fairy tale for grown-ups (Evolution) but the truth is, as both you and I know, you do not want to know the truth, just promote your evolutionary faith that is nothing more than a philosophical justification for not wanting to believe unbelief in a Creator/God. It is not rocket science, David, as I hope and pray you find out before you exit this life on earth (and you will).

For example, Pakicetus (whale from Pakistan) was first drawn as an aquatic creature based on a few skull bones and teeth (Gingerich, P.D., et al., Science 220 (4595): 403-406, 22 April 1983). Its discoverer Philip Gingerich proclaimed it to be perfectly intermediate in time and in its morphology, a missing link between earlier land mammals and later, full-fledged whales (Gingerich , P.D., J. Geology. Educ 31:140-144, 1983. Since a few scraps of bone were interpreted in an evolutionary framework, it is not surprising that they were thought to be a “missing link”.

However, when the rest of the skeleton was found, it was realized to be a fast-running land creature (then drawn by the same artist as the diagram in Dawkins book (see Thewissen, J. G. M., et al., Skeletons of terrestial cetaceans and the relationship of whales to artiodactyls, Nature 413: 277-281, 20 Sept. 2001; and Pakicetus...eight years on. Illustration: Carl Buell www.neoucom.edu/Depts.Anat/Pakicetid.html ).

This is hardly the only example of evolutionists misleading the public , exaggerating the evidence from a few scraps of bone. The moral of the story, as one evolutionist put it, is:”Fossils are fickle. Bones will sing any song you want to hear (Shreeve, J. Argument over a woman, Discover 11 (8):58, 1990 (in reference to human evolution).

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Jacquelyn Peterson #wingnut facebook.com

Open letter to Representative Nancy Pelosi:
Madame Speaker,
Congratulations!!!! Well Done!!!!
You have done something that men and women of the legislative branch feared to do since 1776. You have taken the impeachment procedure, a tool used to protect this Republic from a tyrannical leader, and politically weaponizing it to use against the opposing president, thus raising congress above the presidency to establish the very tyranny this tool was designed to protect.
With this next-level, dangerous precedent on a president for conducting his job, you have set up the ability of congress to require future presidents to approach congress on any and all decisions regardless of size or severity, to obtain permission to do their jobs or risk impeachment for crossing the opposing congress’ agenda.
Since the day after the 2016 election, you have screamed impeachment when your anti-American, criminal choice lost to the people’s choice, and you have spent nearly every waking moment screaming impeachment, whispered impeachment, breathed for an impeachment, to nullify the election process and to commit sedition to illegally remove a duly elected president. This is to the detriment of this nation and its lost economy, as you have been on a de facto strike for the last nearly 3 years, ignoring you own work, as you obsessed over removing a duly elected president, as you continue to embrace those seeking to destroy or hold ransom, the people of this great nation.
You, and those who control your strings, have delegitimized a standard procedure used by various presidents for decades to negotiate with other leaders, labeling it “quid pro quo” and calling it illegal, improper, and immoral. You accuse this president of a practice the previous vice-president publicly confessed to committing, though you label it a tame nonminer, rather than the actual term, extortion. Joe Biden publicly stated he gave a foreign government 6 hours to capitulate to his demands or risk a financial loss; they backed down, bow their heads, and acquiesced, doing his bidding to line their pockets with ill-gotten gains.
You have taken this constitutional public inquiry and morphed it into some ugly, evil, secret, anti-constitution, Russia-style process to deny due process, transparency, and accountability, leading into the 2020 election , under the ‘guise of constitution protection, national security, and safety of the Republic.
To those democrats who voted to proceed with this farce. Election 2020 will see a major shift of political seats not seen since the last impeachment, as many democrats in battleground or conservative states will see your seat changing red. Many of those first-time representatives will be a one-time venture, as the people will express their ire and outrage over this act of sedition, stealing their voting rights like you stole the 2016 democrat nomination.
So, to close madame Speaker, enjoy your ill-gotten gains, as this short-lived act of sedition will see you removed in next year’s election, returning the house, with the Senate and presidency, to the Republicans; the democrats watching from the sidelines, as the #KAG waves rolls across you like a tsunami, the likes not seen in 2016.
The 2nd Civil War Patriots

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Rayburne Winsor #fundie facebook.com

Rayburne Winsor:The Bible does no need the deductions of scientists to explain the Big Bang. That is nonsense. The Bible declares this universe had a beginning (Genesis 1:1), and science confirms that, though the Big Bang is rift with problems. confirm the The Bible is not a science textbook, but it has nothing to fear from operational or experimental science that is confirming again and again its truth. One day, science will catch up with the Bible and scientists whose god is "goo-to-you evolution" will stand before the Creator/God they deny.

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Rayburne Winsor #fundie facebook.com

Rayburne Winsor: Renown physicist Paul Davies, certainly no friend to Creationists or Christians in general, has pointed out that the living cell would be more meaningfully equated to an incredibly powerful supercomputer, in his own words, "an information processing and replicating system of astonishingly complexity." He stated: "DNA is not a special life-giving molecule, but a general databank that transmits its own information using a mathematical code. Most of the workings of the cell are best described, not in terms of material stuff--hardware--but as information, or software," which as a naturalistic origin-of-life perspective.."leaves us with a curious conundrum. How did nature fabricate the world's first digital information processor—the original living cell—from the blind chaos of blundering molecules ? How did molecular hardware get to write its own software?"

A recent New Scientist article stated: "There is no doubt that the common ancestor possessed DNA, RNA and proteins, a universal genetic code, ribosomes (the protein-building factories), ATP, and a proton-powered enzyme for making ATP. The detailed mechanisms for reading off DNA and converting genes into proteins were also in place. In short, then, the last common ancestor of all life looks pretty much like a modern cell".

My reply: And evolutionists claim there is no evidence to believe in a superintelligent, All-wise, All-knowing, All powerful , Creator-God. No wonder God's word states that the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God (1 Corinthians 3: 19). The problem is not evidence but, as one scientist said, they (evolutionists ) cannot allow God to get a foot in the door. Some educated people are ever learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth . God bless.

David Murray: Its called cell theory, its well explained, and you shouldn't talk about science when you dont know any

Rayburne Winsor
Rayburne Winsor David, stop acting like an idiot. That is how you come across to people reading this , because you don't have to be a scientist (are you one?) to understand what Paul Davies said above anymore than I have to be a mathematician to know that 2+2= 4. Honestly, I have heard all this crap before(nothing new) from atheists and Bible skeptics who think that the only avenue to determine truth is what can be understood by a naturalistic explanation. Naturalism does not explain the origin of life, the origin of sex, the origin of consciousness, the origin of love , the origin of morality . These may be "unsolved mysteries " to Richard Dawkins (who now knows better) but they are easily and most rationally and intelligently explained in God's Word.

David Murray: i dont care what atheists say, i care what science says and what DNA proves and what is a scientific theory you are ignorant of, cell theory
the origin of life is an ongoing study in several major universities and to try to talk about with no data in yet shows you are another idiot yelling at the wright brothers man will never fly
gods word says planets come before stars so its worth nothing to anyone with half a clue how the natural world works

Rayburne Winsor: But you do, right David. Typical proud, arrogant atheist response.
DNA, science and information theory (bio-informatics, the study of biological information) disproves "from the goo, through the zoo, to you, molecules to man" evolution. (see Gitt, W. ., 1997, In the Beginning was Information, CLV, Bielefeld, Germany and Truman, R. The problem of information for the theory of evolution: Has Dawkins really solved it? 1999; trueorigin.org/dawkinfo.asp).
- The Problem of Information -
- The Problem of Information -


Rayburne Winsor: Really? But you know better than God's Word (He is not one of little gods) . Right? God's Word has a name for you. Proverbs 14:1).

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Yvonne Pelchat & Rayburne Winsor #fundie facebook.com

*Yvonne Pelchat Levene*: God and evolution can’t both be true. I believe in God. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. God said it and I believe it so that settles it.

*Brant Watson*: okay no nonsense for you then. Scientists simply do not need god’s intervention.

*Tomas Matiev*: Not correct. God basically is the "why", evolution is basically the "how".

*Yvonne Pelchat Levene*: true science agrees with the Bible. The Bible was not written to be a science book. If science doesn’t go along with what is in the Bible it’s not the Bible that is in error. The Bible is the why and how. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son.

*Rayburne Winsor*: That's right, Yvonne, God and evolution both can't be true. They are diametrically opposite. "Goo-to-you" evolution is development over eons of years, whereas Genesis 1 is special creation (Genesis 1) is supernatural creation by divine fiat (spoke Word of God) ex nihilo (out of nothing);

My Poem about Evolution.

Once upon a time certain chemicals interacted in a primordial goo,
as the result of a lightning strike just suddenly out of the blue.
Which miraculous spontaneous generation of life is supposed to explain the origin of evolution “from the goo, through the zoo, to you.”
No wonder why some scientists call this a curious conundrum,
and it has stirred up quite a sensation.

Since one must explain how nature fabricated the first digital information processor—the original living cell—which wrote its own software and self-reproduced,
though matter, energy and physical laws cannot create genetic information.
cientists now know the internal structure of a cell is far more complex than the infrastructure of a large city.
And because they reject any notion of an outside, super-intelligent Creator-Designer,
their molecules-to-man explanation is really to be pitied.

Now acclaimed atheist Richard Dawkins will grant you this much,
he believes the little green men did it.
He explains that aliens planted the seeds for original life,
and that we all had better get with it.
Well, that’s like saying that because people claim to have seen UFOs, they must be real or something.
The SETI project has tried to find signs of intelligent (extraterrestrial) life for years,
And they have come up with nothing.

Then, you have the fossil record that shows all life-forms appear abruptly and fully formed,
without evidence of evolutionary ancestors (transitional fossils) in the geological strata underneath.
All of which makes the creationists smile,
but the evolutionist squirm in his seat.

There are a few fossils highly disputed even among evolutionary scientists to be intermediate or “in transition.”
Like Archaeopteryx (“dino-bird”) alleged to be intermediate between reptiles and birds,
which bird experts like Paleo-ornithologist Alan Feduccia,
show is nothing more than science fiction.
Evolutionists would have us believe that some reptile running along the ground felt it needed faster locomotion.
So, it evolved feathers and took to the air,
And caused a “flying reptilian monster commotion.”

Yes, evolutionists cling to their “flying monster sensation,” though it is totally absurd.
Because Archaeopteryx possessed large wishbone, elliptical wings, perching feet, fully-formed feathers and unique avian lung design and inner ear--
--all features of a true bird.

Well, to move up the branches on the evolutionary tree is to go from one phyla or kind to a totally different kind.
And, despite the conspicuous absence of billions of transitional fossils in between,
most evolutionists still think their theory sublime.

Just believe in this fairy tale for grown-ups with all your mind,
and there will be no need for the princess to kiss the frog,
the frog will become the prince over eons of time.

No wonder kids today appear oftentimes bewildered and confused,
and set their hearts on things below, and not above.
They don’t know where they’re going because they don’t know where they came from,
nor do they know the God who has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ to be a God of love.

So, what can we do to reach this “lost” generation and be part of the solution.
We can teach our kids early in life that they were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27),
not by a process of unplanned, mindless, accidental, naturalistic evolution.

We can let them see by our words and deeds that we have Christ in us, the hope of glory.
So, that we can be channels of God’s grace and love to tell salvation’s story.
That God so loved this ungodly world that He gave His only begotten Son to die for undeserving sinners, such as you and I,
and His invitation to partake of the water of life freely is for all who will receive Him as their Lord and Savior today (John 1:12-13);
it will be too late after we die. God bless.

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Sue Knight #fundie facebook.com

Sue Knight: Would Darwin accept his theory if he came back now?

David Murray: even nuts like ken ham accept that natural selection is glaringly obvious

Sue Knight: Yes, natural selection. But that is a different thing from evolution.
If we evolved,it could be a mechanism of Evolution. But did we? Surely we know so much now about the intricate complexity of even the "simplest" life form not to see the work of a grand Designer?

David Murray: Darwins theory is natural selection, a mechanism of evolution, evolution is about inheriting traits, natural selection is who lives to pass them on, thats evolution, its in grade school level science books.
if you think there is a grand designer worthy of worship, you need to visit some children's wards.

Sue Knight: And David that was always my problem - as a child I was taught that there is a God, and he is all good and all powerful. And yet the world is full of suffering - and nature is "red in tooth and claw with ravine".
And we are all brainwashed with the idea that Genesis is a "creation myth". So it wasn't till many years later that I sat down and read it, and began to understand.

David Murry: Genesis is a myth penned during the Babylonian exile.
It doesnt matter how many god stories people come up with, it has nothing to do with biological evolution.

Sue Knight: Hello David. and yet generation upon generation of faithful Jewish scribes carefully counted the generations down from Adam.
And the first chapter of Genesis ends this way:
"Then God said: “Here I have given to you every seed-bearing plant that is on the entire earth and every tree with seed-bearing fruit. Let them serve as food for you. And to every wild animal of the earth and to every flying creature of the heavens and to everything moving on the earth in which there is life, I have given all green vegetation for food.” And it was so.
After that God saw everything he had made, and look! it was very good..."
It was very good, it was perfect. And,whether you believe this or not, is this describing a Darwinian world, in which nature is "red in tooth and claw", a world full of the hunters and the hunted?
This was a paradise. The whole creation was at peace.Why isn't it now? Genesis does go straight on to explain.

Rayburne Winsor: Natural selection is not proof of goo-to-you evolution. The main objection to "goo-to-you evolution is not about whether changes occur through time, and neither is it about the size of the change (so use of micro or macro-evolution should be discouraged) It isn't even about whether natural selection happens . It does. The key issue is the type of change required to change microbes into men--the kind of change that requires changes that increase the functional genetic information content in the genome. All the alleged "proofs" of "evolution in action" to date do not show functional new information is added to genes. Rather they involve sorting and/or loss of information. Natural selection cannot create anything new; it only selects from what is available. Therefore, demonstrating that natural selection occurs does not prove that goo-to-you evolution occurs. It helps adaption to the environment by removing genes (of the unfit) from the population, but it cannot bring about the information-increasing change necessary for goo-to-you evolution to occur. And if anyone argues it does, he is lying to you. Don't for that crap. Dr. Felix-Konotey--Ahulu, a world authority on sickle cell anemia states: "Demonstrating natural selection does not demonstrate that "upward " evolution is a fact, yet many school children are taught this as "proof" of evolution. He pointed out that the sickle cell gene is still a defect , not an increase in complexity or an improvement in function which is being selected for. And he pointed out the unhappy downside , that "having more carriers of the sickle cell genes results in more people suffering from this terrible disease (Exposing Evolution's Icon: World leader on sickle cell anemia:" Nothing to do with evolution! " Jonathan Sarfati interviews Felic-Konotey-Ahulu, Creation 29 (1):16-19, 2006).

Sue Knight: And Rayburne, Genesis does explain the genetic damage that every one of us carries in various different ways. It tolls us that when our first parents made that fatal decision to cut themselves off from their Creator, their Source of life,they found they could not even keep themselves alive, let alone run this beautiful and complex planet.
We,, their damaged children, are still living with the chaos and suffering that decision caused. Our Creator, Jehovah, the God of Abraham, has let us live with this for a while. Only a few days in his eyes.
But he has not abandoned us to it. What is it we are praying for when we ask for God's Kingdom to come?

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Jesse Watters #wingnut facebook.com

They're trying to impeach him in secret. They don't want the people to see what they're doing and here's what I mean: witnesses are interviewed in secret, witnesses aren't allowed lawyers. Republicans can't subpoena any witness. It is only Democrats who can and the President can't cross examine or even have access to evidence. There is no due process.

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An Lê Quý #racist #moonbat facebook.com

NOTE: amerikkkan refers to white settlers. I don't believe there are "African Americans", Black people are their own colonized nation.
People often ask me: "An Lê Quý, what will decolonization look like, are you gonna just deport all white people back to Europe?"
Well, I'd love to do that but unfortunately it's not logistically feasible. So what would decolonization actually look like? Well...If you want a serious answer, any decolonization process would fulfill a vital task of the bourgeois democratic revolution: land reform. All land will be confiscated from the white settler nation, the amerikan suburbia won't continue to exist as it is today (no, you don't get to keep your suburban homes, it's not "working class personal property"). amerikkkans will be forcibly relocated, their residence will be confined in certain northern states to make room for the republics of internal colonies that will inevitably de-link from the u.$ empire - the Black Nation, the Chicano Nation and of course, the First Nations.
Aside from that, one of the top priorities would be reparations. This can come from a couple of sources:
1) One might think that there aren't many "means of production" left in the u.$, so there won't actually be much to "seize". In actual fact, there is still a fair amount of infrastructure and technological equipment in the u.$ that the global proletariat can expropriate: medical equipment in hospitals, teaching equipment in schools which are taken for granted by amerikans but are actually rare in the third world (computers, projectors, lab equipment), automated manufacturing technologies, vehicles, advanced construction equipment that aren't available in the third world, tractors, chemical fertilizer, etc... You get the idea. All of this will of course be brought back to the oppressed nations to aid their process of development - which the u.$ has obstructed for so long.
2) Personnel. Scientists, engineers, programmers, doctors, skilled workers or even managers with organizational skill be forced to go to the third world - where they are desperately needed for industrialization. Ultimately, this must be done to reverse the decades of brain drain that the third world has suffered. This measure combined with the abolition of intellectual property rights mean that the imperialist monopoly on technology will finally be relinquished. For the first time in history, substantial technological transfer will be a reality.
3) Land reform necessarily implies that the the white settler nation will be excluded from the decision making process with regards to what will be done on the land. Buildings maybe demolished, new farms and factories maybe built as the global proletariat sees fit. The amerikkkan population will be put to work in these newly constructed facilities (as well as any industrial & agricultural facilities left in the u.$ that haven't disappeared due to outsourcing). They will produce goods which will be taken back to the oppressed nations as reparations. This is also done to rehabilitate (or if you want to be crude, "re-civilize") them as functioning members of a future socialist society.
Needless to say, the white settler nation will be stripped off of any political rights, at least in the early years of the proletarian dictatorship - which, in case my point isn't obvious to you by now, will come from the outside. amerikkkans will not be allowed to take part in any political life until the global proletariat finds that they have been sufficiently civilized. Of course, I'm not purely fantasizing about this. You don't even have to imagine, these measures were all used in East Germany during the Soviet occupation. The problem is, Germany isn't a settler colonial empire, amerikkkans are far more reactionary, their culture much more decadent and rotten, and there's no tradition of proletarian internationalist politics among them (for obvious reasons). They will resist these measures, far more than East German workers ever did, and thus the "re-civilizing" stage will be far longer.

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The Meme Policeman facebook.com

There are many memes floating around suggesting the Alabama abortion law (or sometimes abortion laws in general) are due to a bunch of men dictating and overriding the wishes of women. This is simply wrong and misleading.
-As the New York Times reported, opposition to abortion in Alabama is widespread across gender lines. “Opinion polling has repeatedly shown that a broad segment of Alabama voters, including a majority of women, generally oppose abortion rights, and for many of them, passage of the ban was a triumph.”
-They later add, “Although women hold only 22 of 140 seats in the Alabama legislature - one of the smallest percentages in the country - they also held important roles in the abortion debate in Montgomery, the capital. A woman, Representative Terri Collins, was the primary sponsor of the new law, and Gov. Kay Ivey, the second woman ever to lead Alabama, signed the ban, calling it “a powerful testament to Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a gift from God.””
-Looking at Pew polls on abortion, women are about as likely to be pro-life as men across Europe and America. In the US, 57% of men and 60% of women believe abortions should be legal in all or most cases. Meaning they are pro-life 43% and 40% respectively.
-Gender has a relatively poor correlation to one’s view on abortion. Factors like religious affiliation and political ideology are much more closely linked. As for race, there is some correlation with abortion, but contrary to this meme’s portrayal. Black and Hispanic Americans tend to be more pro-life than whites. Meaning the reason for the Alabama bill likely has to do with it being a conservative Republican state.

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Joseph Phillip Daniel Ministries #fundie facebook.com

The Trump curse
/Begins taking its effect on the political career of the Satanist, Nancy Pelosi/

The speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi defames our President Trump, bringing curses upon herself as the demons inside her lead her to falsely call him a racist on the House floor....

The curses began taking their effect on her political career as you moved powerfully, FATHER GOD, against the demons inside Pelosi through your servant, Rep. Doug Collins, who was the first person to call her out on the House floor in decades, going viral over the internet soon after and destroying her public image even more before the American public...

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An Lê Quý #moonbat facebook.com

Andrew VanHauer This is when the liberalism in your brain start spilling all over the place. What is "freedom of movement"? Why is it awful that professionals be forced to go to the third world to serve the masses? Slavery is a mode of production with its own economic logic, you can't spam the word "slavery" to describe whatever you don't like, it's like when anarchists say Stalin is a "Red Fascist".

I'll give you an example: After reunification the Socialist Republic of Vietnam basically forced professionals to be relocated to areas where they are more needed, in service of the proletariat. Is the Communist Party of Vietnam practicing "slavery"?

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The Fundamental Fundie #fundie #dunning-kruger facebook.com

Swing and a miss!

When it comes to accounting for logic, critical thinking, and reasoning, atheists/naturalists swing and miss every single time. Consciousness and self-awareness are immaterial, as are individual human thought and emotions like empathy and love.

God deniers claim that these things are all the products of chemical reactions, but if that were true, then there would be no distinct individual human thought nor would there be any distinct intrinsic human value. ...If love is just a chemical reaction, then the meaning and definition of love becomes redundant.

God deniers know God exists, but suppress that truth in unrighteousness. It's like being in a pool and holding down a large beach ball under the water. It takes a physical, and mental, effort to suppress God's truth.

Romans 1:19-23 19 For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. 20 For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. 21 For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Claiming to be wise, they became fools, 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.

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Mack Major #fundie #mammon facebook.com

How was everyone's 4th of July holiday? Hope you didn't eat too much! I've been busy working on and pounding out THREE brand new books.

People ask me why do I write so many ebooks? My answer is always the same: What if I died today - all of the books I could've written would die with me. I wouldn't want that to happen, so when the idea or mood to create a new book strikes, I submit to the urge and let the book come forth.

I refuse to die with my work left undone.

Right now I'm working on the ebooks Woke, Voodoo and The 5th Angel - The Statue of Liberty and Satan's Hidden Hand. These ebooks will all be out this month. And I believe they will be a massive blessing in your life.

However, we still don't have the Eden Decoded website up. Due to the fact it took so long to raise what was needed on time to get it back online, we lost ALL of our old files. The web hosting company deletes the files after a certain time period. Which basically means now we have to rebuild an entire website from scratch, which is a massive headache and unnecessary expense.

This has happened at least TEN TIMES over the past year! And it typically happens because people ignore my requests for help, thinking someone else will always give. Only problem with that way of thinking is that too many people think the same way! So very little ends up coming in to help at all.

Since people don't like to just give without expecting something in return, I've been offering the 5th Angel ebook as a special product this week only for those who bless our efforts with a twenty dollar (or more) contribution. Many have responded. However, we need much more.

Let's get the Eden site back up. The sooner I can get the site up the sooner I can get these new ebooks out and into your hands (as well as more impactful articles). I placed a link in the comment section below for you to use. Please take a second to stop what you're doing, make use of it right now and do the very best you can today. And remember: if YOU don't act, NO ONE probably will.

I pray you have a productive remaining work week. I also pray that God puts a fire beneath you that causes everyone reading this to become a giver today. There are blessings God has that can only come into your life through being a giver.

Tap into those special blessings today!

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The Real Truth Movement #fundie facebook.com

I want to thank you all who contributed and supported the campaign to bring awareness to Dr. Kent Hovind and Paul J. Hansen and their plight.
So many people brought their different talents and abilities to the table for this campaign.
You all know who you are as there are too many to name and I personally thank you for all your contributions.
Remember there are so many others we are unaware of are facing similar persecution because of their faith in God and his son Jesus Christ, keep them in your prayers.


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Gulag the Liberals #fundie facebook.com

About China
This is simple.
If the capitalist class answers to the government, and is beholden to them, the country is socialist because the state has control over them, ultimately. The state can tell the businesses what to do, but may choose not to unless the policies are beneficial to the state. regardles of if there is a form of capitalism allowed. State capitalism is run by the state, and the workers have a benefit access to Healthcare and housing and generally their quality of life tends to be better.
Under nazi rule, the workers were take advantage of, if you weren't leibensborn or German born, you had no rights, while China has 133 constitutionally protected minority classes
I f
T h e
C a p I a l i s t s
A n s w e r
T o
T h e
G o v e r n m e n t
The country is socialist.
Cuba ussr China, Venezuela
If the capitalists control the government
USA UK EU, they are capitalism based.
Being a capitalist means you own land or a business or a house. Living under capitalism doesn't make you a capitalist.
Also, imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism. Therefore

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The Meme Policeman #fundie facebook.com

[Regarding a picture of a Women's March protestor carrying a sign saying "Please Note the Lack of Nazis at Our Marches"]

And now, presenting the Memey for “Most Ironic Meme”!
This popular meme took a different light when a recent bombshell report from Tablet Mag revealed that from the very beginning, several of the Women’s March lead organizers were anti-Semitic. In fact, from the very first meeting, anti-Jewish slurs and conspiracies were reportedly discussed, and became a sort of dark family secret that was hidden from the public.
As the movement progressed, meetings of leaders often became heated, as “you people” and “the Jews control all the money” style insults were hurled openly. Ties to the notoriously anti-Semitic Nation of Islam became apparent, as some leaders like Linda Sarsour attended their rallies and even hired NOI members as security detail. Eventually, most Jewish members left the group, and even notable celebrities like Alyssa Milano distanced themselves from the group over their ties to anti-Semitism.
Ironically, unbeknownst to its followers, some of the Women’s March leaders held views lurking beneath the surface about Jews that would be welcomed at a neo-Nazi meeting.
Source referenced:
For a complete list of the 2018 Memeys (updated in real time):

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Lauren Chen, Atarian X, Orwell & Goode #racist facebook.com

In response to a Harvard Business Review article about firefighters being overwhelmingly white males and how that needs to change....

Orwell & Goode: The cult of diversity cares more about virtue signaling than people's lives.

Lauren Chen: Screw white men and their.... *Squints* Disproportionate likelihood to put their lives at risk in order to save others.

AtarianX: If any firefighters other than differently-abled gender queer polyamorous foxkin little people of color show up to put out my house fire, you can just let me burn.

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beyond awake #conspiracy facebook.com

The Mr. Smith Effect
In the movie The Matrix Mr. Smith has the ability to enter any body, at anytime , and of course this often occurs when the matrix is threatened by Neo.
This scenario is a reflection of our real world.
For example, you're down at the coffee shop having a 2 hour conversation with a friend and everything is fine until you mention something like vaccines not being safe of effective. Now, watch what happens......up pops Mr. Smith, to replace the person you were having a conversation with, to attack you, because any ans all truths threaten the matrix. The matrix is programmed into most people in their youth and because of this "Mr. Smith programming" these people become guardians of the matrix, protectors of the code, police of the mind, enforcers of the brain washing.......which holds together our false concept of reality like super glue. Our handlers program most people to be like this, to attack anyone, at anytime, if another person in the matrix dare speak the truth and disrupt the code of slave control. These "Mr. Smith like citizens" sit there waiting for the people who speak against the matrix of control, the people who connect the dots or recognize the patterns in the slave code.......and then

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The Meme Policeman #fundie facebook.com

The Other 98% posted a tweet from Harvey Bobrow about how Canada has had only 15 mass shootings since 1885 due to tougher gun laws, whereas the U.S. has at least one mass shooting per day.

This is just false.
-In a brief search, I found at least 28 incidents in Canada that would be considered mass shootings. All were since 1965.
-There doesn’t appear to be an outlet that tracks mass shootings in Canada, so there’s likely countless other incidents that would qualify, but haven’t been compiled. Remember, a mass shooting is generally defined as an incident where 4 or more people are hurt or killed by a firearm. Most mass shootings in the US involve zero or 1 death, so often aren’t widely reported or known.
-Thus, it takes a dedicated tracker to compile all the incidents. In the US, there’s gunviolencearchive.com which is where most outlets get their mass shooting statistics from.
-The vast majority of US mass shootings are gang related, and involve drive-by or similar style attacks. This is widely misunderstood, as people think of mass shootings as the much rarer events that garner media focus. Claiming the “one mass shooting a day” statistic capitalizes on this ignorance. Canada has far less gang violence, and consequently would be expected to have far less mass shootings.


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The Meme Policeman #fundie facebook.com

In response to a meme about hate crimes being on the rise during Trump's presidency...

This widely shared meme echoes the popular narrative that hate crimes are rapidly on the rise. The reality is that FBI hate crime data hasn’t even been released for 2017 yet! This means we don’t even have data from when Trump was in office. The latest data is from 2016.
Still, we can compare 2015-16 and see how hate crimes changed during the initial “rise of Trump”. In researching this, I found most of the media reporting to be extremely shallow and unhelpful. Few dug very deep into the statistics, so I looked at them myself and found several interesting trends, many that were virtually unreported.
-Total hate crimes indeed rose slightly, and rose against Muslims and Hispanics. This was widely reported, and few outlets went beyond this.
-Of all racial groups, anti-white hate crimes rose the most. Anti-black crimes actually fell. This was rarely reported.
-In looking at who committed hate crimes, white offenders actually decreased slightly. Black offenders increased appreciably and Hispanic offenders increased dramatically. This was completely unreported, at least from what I could find, but an amazing statistic. “During the rise of Trump, white hate crime offenders actually fell” is not a headline we saw.
-Most of the increase was from acts of vandalism. Violent hate crimes didn’t increase with any significance.
Many more findings and details, including sources, are in the link below, so please check it out. With all the shenanigans with pages being deleted on FB I'll be doing more content on the website.

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The Meme Policeman #fundie facebook.com

In response to Occupy Democrats calling out the Republicans on purging voters, Meme Cop pulls out a bunch of trivial details below....

This meme from Occupy Democrats leaves out some context that would change many people’s view of this.
-The meme makes it seem like GA voters were purged for missing an election or two and have no idea. Here’s how their “use it or lose it” law actually works:
-The removal process begins if a person fails to vote, respond to a notice or make contact with election officials over a three-year period. Then, if they fail to vote or make contact with election officials in TWO MORE election cycles, they will be purged from the rolls.
-The process takes 7 YEARS, which means this affected voters who hadn’t voted or responded to notices since the 2010 election.
-8 other states have similar laws (Alaska, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon and West Virginia). The purpose is to remove people from the rolls who have moved away from the state, as they generally won’t tell election officials, and these registrations could potentially be used fraudulently.
-This law was passed in the early 90’s under Democrat leadership. To be fair, it’s now being used by Republicans, which means they probably think it will benefit them somewhat, but it was Democrats who made the process possible. This fact was not even mentioned in The Hill article.
-In June of 2018, The Supreme Court ruled these laws didn’t violate Federal law. Thus, these actions are legal and not “stealing an election”. In fact, one could argue NOT purging the rolls as the law dictates would be illegal and a violation of election law.
-This wasn’t a report from The Hill, they just published a brief synopsis of an in-depth article from APM Reports. This report did not say “most of these voters have no idea they’ve been purged”. It said “many” might not realize it. The truth is no one knows if they realized it or not, or how many of them even still live in Georgia, or plan to vote.

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The Meme Policeman #fundie facebook.com

(In response to a meme about Trump praising Robert E. Lee....)

This meme isn’t limited to the hyper partisan Occupy Democrats. In an embarrassing display of journalism, major media outlets from NBC, to CNN, to the Washington Post all ran headlines proclaiming “Trump called Robert E. Lee a great general”. Without context, the implication is “there Trump goes again, praising white supremacists”. With context, the headlines are highly misleading and OD’s assertion is outright false.
In the comments is a screenshot of the fuller context of Trump’s remarks, make sure to read it. The speech was clearly praising General Grant, not Lee! He was speaking in Ohio, after all, the birthplace of Grant. In a rambling historical account, which only Trump could give, he recounted how Lincoln ended up choosing Grant, despite his drinking problem, because none of his other generals knew how to win. The “incredible” accolade clearly referred to Grant, not Lee, and he called Lee a great general as a foil to praise Grant.
But, calling Lee a great general shouldn’t be controversial anyway. He was, objectively, a great general. That’s why the Union wanted him on their side. Acknowledging his battle prowess does not condone slavery anymore than acknowledging OJ Simpson was a great football player condones murder. Since Occupy seems so horrified at a president calling Robert E. Lee great, let’s see what some other presidents and historical figures said.
-Franklin Roosevelt said this in dedicating a monument to Lee in 1936: “I am very happy to take part in this unveiling of the statue of General Robert E. Lee. All over the United States we recognize him as a great leader of men, as a great general. But, also, all over the United States I believe that we recognize him as something much more important than that. We recognize Robert E. Lee as one of our greatest American Christians and one of our greatest American gentlemen.” [1]
-Winston Churchill once said, “Lee was the noblest American who had ever lived and one of the greatest commanders known to the annals of war.”[2]
-President Truman personally visited Lee's statue at Gettysburg and wrote this to his daughter, “I stood on the spot where General Robert E. Lee stood while the famous and immortal Pickett made his charge…I picked two little flowers from the foot of the Virginia Monument which stands on the spot where Lee stood and I am sending them to you. They will remind you of how a great man takes a terrible defeat…Lee didn’t blame anybody. He accepted the responsibility…”[3]
-Of the 4 portraits in President Eisenhower's office, one was Lee's. He remarked, “General Robert E. Lee was, in my estimation, one of the supremely gifted men produced by our Nation. He believed unswervingly in the Constitutional validity of his cause which until 1865 was still an arguable question in America; he was thoughtful yet demanding of his officers and men, forbearing with captured enemies but ingenious, unrelenting and personally courageous in battle, and never disheartened by a reverse or obstacle. Through all his many trials, he remained selfless almost to a fault and unfailing in his belief in God. Taken altogether, he was noble as a leader and as a man, and unsullied as I read the pages of our history."[4]
-JFK said, "As a New Englander, I recognize that the South is still the land of Washington, who made our Nation – of Jefferson, who shaped its direction – and of Robert E. Lee who, after gallant failure, urged those who had followed him in bravery to reunite America in purpose and courage.”[5]
-LBJ used Lee's name in support of civil rights legislation, "If we are to heal our history and make this Nation whole, prosperity must know no Mason-Dixon line and opportunity must know no color line. Robert E. Lee, a great son of the South, a great leader of the South–and I assume no modern day leader would question him or challenge him–Robert E. Lee counseled us well when he told us to cast off our animosities, and raise our sons to be Americans.”[6]
-Jimmy Carter recently came out against removal of confederate landmarks in the south. As president, he said this in his eulogy to the Americans killed in the Iran hostage crisis, “This very land once belonged to General Robert E. Lee. Like these eight men, he was a soldier whose affection for his home and family called him to a life of service that often meant hardship, loneliness, and long separation from those he loved and even from the Nation which he most loved."[7]
-President Reagan said this, “Robert E. Lee, this southerner who criticized secession and called slavery a great moral wrong, would become himself an American legend; yet a man who thought-though he rode off into myth and glory, would suffer cruelly in his own time. After the dissolution of his cause, he would work to bind up the Nation’s wounds"[8]
-As Arkansas governor, Bill Clinton signed legislation combining Martin Luther King day with Robert E. Lee day.[9]

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The Meme Policeman #fundie facebook.com

This meme from Occupy Democrats says that anti-Semitic hate crimes rose by 60% last year, which brings visions of the Klan and neo-Nazis running amok In Trump’s America. This stat has been picked up by many mainstream media outlets as well, after a report from the ADL. However, after examining that report, this characterization seems quite misleading.

-The ADL reported 1,986 anti-Semitic hate crimes in 2017, up 57% from 1,267 in 2016. They break these hate crimes into 3 categories; vandalism, harassment and assault. Only the vandalism category had any meaningful increase.

-Most of these vandalism events occurred at schools and universities, and mainly involved swastikas being drawn. Vandalism events deemed hate crimes included things like windows broken at a Jewish school’s synagogue and nonsensical graffiti like “f*** you Nazi Jews”. These are despicable acts, but often it’s unclear who the perpetrators were, or their motivations. More likely they are immature teenagers than seasoned Klan members.

-Additionally, there have been several high profile cases where these sorts of graffiti were found to be hoaxes, like the incident at a Michigan university where a black man ended up being responsible for a series of KKK graffiti that caused much grief.

-As for the harassment category, the ADL decided to count bomb threats, which included over 150 incidents from a single person! This was committed by an Israeli-US teen, who was Jewish, that received international attention once he was caught.

-Another dozen bomb threats came from Juan Thompson, the deranged former journalist, who was harassing his ex-girlfriend. Ironically, he was trying to get her in trouble for framing him, by pretending she made the threats. These two incidents had nothing to do with being anti-Semitic, yet resulted in 163 of the total reported hate crimes, which puts into question the entire methodology. Without these bomb threats, harassment was roughly the same as 2016.

-What about assaults? This seems to be the most important category, and what most would envision when they hear “hate crimes”. Assaults actually DECREASED from 36 to 19, a 47% drop. Less than 1% of these hate crimes involved assault.

-A different meme could tout the plunge in anti-Semitic assaults in 2017 and claim the opposite narrative here, making it misleading.

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John Kinal #conspiracy facebook.com

FEHBP is the PUBLIC OPTION GIVEN FREELY TO CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT, and what you SERIOUSLY need to research, to understand this Health Care business better, inside and out.. then, further support our rise to popular acclaim.. Support John Kinal for new Attorney General - if as when the job becomes available. Fair say all the way has you win too, most especially.

Bigots are idiots according to everyone of fair measure, being honorable as freedom minded. Muslims didn't do 9/11, Bush and Cheney, Condi and Ozolek did with top secret "Presidential Directive" plan titled, “Unified Vision” for starters. We should not be blaming "The Jews" either, but blaming the criminal suspects individually.. More difficult sure.. but that's the price for freedom from tyranny.

God wills justice as the freedom to be we free of tyranny, while others do not, denying us a fair redress in our forsaken names.? Till now.

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Steve Packard? #fundie facebook.com

Beloved atheists:. If you say that you are certain there is no God, and then there must be no devil, right? If there God andno devil, how do you explain Magic?

Magic must come from sowhere then where? Magic is not real? Our reality has magic things

if you do not eat all of this, then let me ask you, is that why you think sexuality is okay? What happens if people have sex but they are not doing it for procreation? What if they take pleasure in the ACT? What if they are not even married?

How can this possibly be okay?

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Film Your Marxist Professor #fundie facebook.com

Our academic institutions have been taken over by Marxist far left professors who are radicalizing our youth and incubating revolutionaries on your dime. Let’s EXPOSE THEM together! Send us your videos, pictures from class, screen caps of curriculums or audio recordings. We will ALWAYS keep you anonymous. We can use our video editing software to make it look like the video is coming from the other side of the classroom and from a different desk.

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Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg #conspiracy facebook.com

The Deep State is a Monster--revised
“Don’t Cross the Streams” MEANS, Don’t MIX EVIL WITH GOOD of Society.” It also means, We the Public refusing to participate in exploiting differences, DO CROSS EVIL’S STREAMS; but we’ll deal with that later.
911 was THE TAKEOVER of the USofA by Deep State-Zionist terrorism for the purpose of PROFITING THEMSELVES--nothing more, nothing less.
The World Trade Center’s owners—Zionists all of them—suffered deep vacancy factor losses over parking problems, environmental problems and staffing problems. It was going to cost somewhere between $1.5 and $4 billiion to remove all the asbestos insulation from inside its walls. So, the owners, Zionists aligned with Deep State Zionists and the NeoCon Projection For a New American Century—took it down.
This was Evil mixing with Governance. But there are other ways Evil mixes with Governance.
1. In Race Relations. When Law Enforcement reacts first to Racial Profiling, then to Situational Ethics, this is mixing Injustice with Law
2. In Ideological Disputes, when Ideology teaches, We’re BEST and everybody else needs to be subject to US, you have Ego mixing with Transactions.
When motivational psychology operates advertising and public forums so as to favor a single conventional line of thought—Consumingr over Thrift, Left over Right, Advertiser over Public, Secularist over Spiritist, Might over Reason, Dogma over Truth—then the Public become confused and they shut down knowing, in its entirety. The Public Mind gets stuck in stone-walling; and that stance also works for ideological domination because it immobilizes national Consensus so Ideologues do as they please.
3. In Information Technology versus Private Lives. When incorrect and stilted information is held by Government bureaucracies, then the Actions of Government are tilted toward Injustice. People red-listed without their knowledge or consent are stalked, kept from working, kept from doing business, kept from shelter and sanctity.
4. In Regional Disputes. Legislators who are paid off by corporations with deep pockets remove the function of “community CONSENT” from the decision-making process. This is how herbicides have invaded all our food because Monsanto paid off legislators; this is how contaminants invaded vaccines because Big Pharma gets more money off sick people than well people. This is how progress is halted, because IN SITU companies bribe legislators to cripple and penalize up-coming technologies that only benefit the public—not the Oligarchy.
Don't "MIX" HATING OTHERS with "Doing Good." it's just crossing streams. “Divide and Conquer,” the GAME ITSELF conquers communication. The Public is sick and tired of the Game itself, so they turn off and let Powers That Be run amok. This is why we call television, “Satan’s Window,” because IT IS THE PRIMARY TOOL OF DIVIDING US against each other. The Church, divides on belief, divides on behavior, divides on allowable tolerance, and divided again, on methods to correct matters. The louder the Church becomes, the less people can hear the “still small voice of God” and the Holy Spirit’s prompting.
Philosophical Ideology used to incite violence crosses the streams, Good with Evil. Any religion that teaches its supremacy is neither supreme nor moral, because the behavior of its adherents is full of the sins of hate, perfidy and abuse.
Operating a Slave Planet" (by commercial corporate statutes) by immobilizing and indenturing human lives is crossing-the-streams of Good with Evil. The FACT that the Legal Profession, the Law Profession, has aided and abetted the conversioni of Laws of the Land based on Justice INTO CORPORATE STATUTES based in Fairness only says, that profession is a mockery of Principle and Mercenary profiteering.
Especially, Law Treaties and Corporate Statutes that make people into consumable products (NAME IN ALL CAPS) must be abrogated and turned over to Honest Governance. Human slavery, sex trafficking, felons-trafficking, truants-trafficking, baby-adoption trafficking, body parts trafficking, souls’ trafficking [Satanistic ritualizing murder and cannibalism] are inimical to Life Sacred nature. Culture proclaims Free Minds, Open Hearts and Free Wills, and then commerce enslaves us all in Debt, in Paperwork, in Regulations and in Conflicts-not-our-own.
“Experimenting on the Living" is crossing the streams. Creating misery and suffering to push boundaries of intellectualism and elitism is a form of evil that has no justification. Nobody has voted to allow Coverment to experiment MEDICALLY or biochemically on human bodies and affect human lives. This is NOT-SEE-ISM at its worse, brought on by Operation Paperclip after WWII. It must be halted. Scientific knowledge is not furthered by human rights abuses and cruelty.
Leaders financing wars with USURY & DRUG SALES is crossing the streams of Good with Evil. George Herbert Walker Bush initiated CIA drug marketing in the 1950’s through Zapata Oil Company, and that branch of CIA operations has never been shut down. DEA is more a drug-controller-pusher than a method to halt drug- and gun-running.
When “Coverment” has taken over Evil and made it its “bidness,” then a Revolution and Restoration of Just Law is necessary. And when NEOCONS show up in the new Administration who are also Zionist and part of the Old PNAC Group, we the Public KNOW FOR A CERTAINTY, nothing has changed.
Using Government to Depopulate the Innocent is crossing the streams. Governance is set up to benefit, balance and socialize people—not kill them.

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Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg #conspiracy facebook.com


TO: The Privy Council’s 600 Members
FROM: The deposed daughter of King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, who fled from his Father George V’s practice of Luciferian Freemasonry and the directive to stage Three World Wars.
The Royal Bloodline, being associated with human trafficking, adultery, surrogate breeding, pedophilia networks and drug-running—MUST BE CLEANED OUT and replaced with [psychic] bloodline members who cling to the Covenant of the Kingdom of David under the Church of England—not under Luciferian Freemasonic Rule.
Personally, I feel Monarchy still has unrealized potential to lead, to do good and to prosper Progress for all its subjectsnot merely for Global elites and commercial predators. UK Monarchy can and must abide by "governance by consent of the governed" as good leadership. However, the record shows a different side of the Royal Family than we have ever seen in a newscast.
The present situation is based in privilege alone; and I may sound like a whacked out nutcase indeed for flailing at these silent opponents, but they have not got to their stations honestly, as you will see.
History of Royal Trafficking of Kings, to rid of some and provide others..
1. Prince Albert Vicftor Duke of Clarence. "Eddy," the heir presumptive of King Edward VII, died or something. The Official story says he died of pneumonia or syphillis or after catching a cold. There is a story that Eddy was a homosexual who died of syphillis, or that he married a Catholic girl and they had a child while he was betrothed to May Teck officially; and that the wife was institutionalized and lobotomized by the Royal family headed by George and Edward VIII and the child was adopted out. In this story we get the first glimpse of "dangerous" George who culls family members around him.
There are stories after the ruination of his wife and family that Eddy was sent to Balmoral because he was devastated emotionally and no longer useful as presumed heir. Balmoral is approximately 1000 feet (300 metres) above sea level and as such is partly surrounded by steep cliffs. This was the intended site for the planned murder of Eddy to be undertaken by Randolph Churchill (Winston's old man – Spivey) and John Netley the coachman. The story goes, the prince was pushed from the clifftop but somehow managed to survive his fall and after the passage of two days had endeavoured to crawl all the way back to Balmoral where he was found at the door by his disbelieving hosts.
It is said that a decision was made after this that the best option would be to just incarcerate him at Glamis for the rest of his life and the Earl of Strathmore agreed to undertake this task on behalf of the royals in return for one simple favour. The favour he stipulated was that one of his daughters be allowed to marry a future king of England. Eddy died in 1933, forty one years after his ‘official’ death date and during this time, his mother visited him only once, but took a photograph of him which she apparently sent to her cousin. This photograph is still in existence and shows a much older Eddy thoughtfully painting a picture which would sadly never be seen by anyone outside the walls of Glamis Castle.
The pact between Strathmore and the royal family was eventually fulfilled in 1923 when Lady Elizabeth BowesLyon (his daughter, b. 1900) married the future King George VI of England after originally being betrothed to his brother, the former King Edward VIII. So when Edward REFUSED this "arranged marriage" in 1922 you can imagine the fury of his father King George V and the rage of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon at Edward for the rest of his life, for "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."
CHRONOLOGY. What really appears to have occurred that alters the false history we receive down to our day. Yes, I'm generally talking about what Royal control freaks did during that era, and this theme will percolate through the storyline. I begin this story in the summer of 1888 when Edward 7th Prince of Wales' two sons, Albert Victor “Eddy” and "Georgie" Duke of York (their Christian baptisms presumed) were making their way by train and carriage to Frankfurt Germany for their cousin [Kaiser] Wilhelm's housewarming party at Bath (Bod Homburg), and for Georgie's initiation into the Sacred Order of the Bath.
Why “Georgie” was Victoria's favorite, the Initiate that day and not the Prince of Wales, is of paramount importance to the leadership function. Albert Victor was the heir apparent, but he apparently wasn't interested in this LuciferianOccult affiliation. That decision would be his downfall, for he would lose the support of comembers who expect[ed] any King to follow Luciferianism of Chivalric and Masonis Orders. Do courtiers hold that expectation today, that the Monarch is Luciferian?
King Edward VII had been a frequent guest of Kaiser Wilhelm II at Bath who in 1888 made Bad Homburg his summer residence. On the solstice of that year, a housewarming party was held by the Kaiser, for the Order of the Bath as its location for their annual Initiation rite. As is usual and customary for secret societies based on Luciferian doctrines, the Initiation ceremony that Georgie Duke of York experienced was sexual in nature.
There among the guests of the Kaiser were his nephews, Czar Nicholas of Russia (who was prudish and scandalized by such beha­vior), George Duke of York, Albert Victor Prince of Wales, Alfred de Rothschild (member), and of course the host, Kaiser Wilhelm, as well as a certain maid of the Rothschild estate who became the object of the night's rituals. The lady became pregnant by the Initiate, who left after the ritual for London.
ADOLPH HITLER, his apparent bloodline & story. Subsequently, when the maid contacted the father of her unborn child, he was unwilling to allow her to travel to London. And Jack the Ripper started terrorizing young women of the street in London during that same autumn, so the maid was successfully prevented from seeking out the child's father. (It has been asserted in some quarters that PoW Albert Victor was actually Jack the Ripper, but his personality among his siblings was that of a gentle soul although he had served as a sailor for two years onboard ship. It makes more sense to wonder how it is that the child's father successfully prevented this Rothschild maid from obtaining his aid in her dire need, but nobody noticed the connection between the Ripper and the girl's pregnancy.
(Note, this was the same brother who stood by while brother Albert Victor got into all h is lifetime of trouble, the next year, who was led out into the rain, caught cold and pneumonia [or typhoid] and died (one version), or who lost his wife to insanity, his child to adoption and spent the rest of his life encarcerated (in the other version). Nice brother, eh, standing by?
So the boychild was born near Frankfort and was reared in the household of one Rothschild illegitimate son, Alois Shickelgruber; and he grew to manhood having experienced a very harsh childhood by his stepfather. Because he was very intelligent, he was probably mentored by Kaiser Wilhelm, and by 1912 he was in London staying with his half sisterand brother-in-law until they bought him a ticket back to Germany. He later stood in WWI on the side of Germany as a messenger until his discharge; and by now he was in contact with his father, King George V, through double agent intermediaries in MI5.
Fourteen years after Adolph Schickelgruber's conception at Bath, in 1902 Alfred de Rothschild, who had been present at this Initiation sent George Duke of York a little gift now situated in the Royal Collec­tion., a reminder. The pendant awarded by Alfred de Rothschild to George V, as a reminder of that holiday in Frankfurt and the obligations George had to accept to keep Rothschild quiet says, George was being blackmailed. Now, why would Rothschild do that? Send a reminder of Georgie's Initiation to him now that he was Heir Apparent? Was it a reminder of this event and of the child, now thirteen years old in Frankfurt?
Think about the danger to King George V that Alfred de Roths­child's knowledge of Adolph the illegitimate son presented )as well as his problems with cocaine and opium—we can intuit from photo images from 1900-1910 the King had to become a virtual employee of Rothschild banks. He had to do exactly as he was told, as instructed. Never mind, The Monarchy has a so-so record of holding to the Com­mandments of God, even though they were “God's chosen” to lead humankind. Their history has bespotted our world with blood and sacrifice.
When one looks at the alternate version of Prince Albert Victor's life that he didn't die, but his Catholic wife was lobotimized and insti­tutionalized, their daughter adopted out, and he spent the rest of his natural life in seclusion—and when one considers how Prince John died —one realizes the King has “ways” to control his family so “things work out according to plan.”
The outcomes of this blackmail? 1) the takedown of cousin/Car Nicholas, the Balfour Declaration to give Palestine to Ashkanazi Zionists, in his embrace of general war (and war profits for the banks), in his intolerance and fear of Edward's Christian candor. George the Fifth was a guilty man, busy with repenting before his banking patrons for his former sins.
Edward III, during that time was vested as Prince of Wales and confirmed as Christian Anglican as his Uncle Albert Victor had been; and at this point the father and son began their long ugly standoff,
King versus Heir Apparent. The King wanted a Luciferian son to succeed him, as he had been and done. The King wanted his son to have an arranged marriage, as he had had. The King wanted an Empire, as his “Gangan” Victoria had taught him at her knee. Edward had other ideas. But Adolph the “irregular” son fell right in line with George's objectives.
What is so instructive in my research is what is missing from his biographies : references just as important as what is present. There are no photo images of the Duke of Windsor attending any NWO organizations' events: B'nai B'rith, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, CFR, Int. Institute Strategic Studies, Order of the Garter, of the Bath or Skull & Bones, Poor Knights of the Templar, Rand Research, RIIA, Round Table, Tavistock, Temple Mount Founda­tion, Trilaterial Commission, Universal Freemasonry, Universal Zionism, World Council of Churches. Never. He never attended the Bohemian Grove annual trek. Once exiled, the Duke was focused primarily on military matters and people, as expatriots often are. But the Occult?
1972, at the time of Edward Duke of Windsor’s FUNERAL.
Enough history. Now let’s look at the recent past and history of human trafficking surrounding the Crown of the Windsors.
1. Queen Victoria was a battle-axe.
2. Edward VII was a philanderer, unfaithful husband to Queen Alexandra, who carried on a series of affairs with beautiful English women. What this means is that the maternity of both Albert Victior, PoW, and Georgie Duke of York, is in doubt.
3. George V, was reared as a sailor, and he was familiar with Drug-dealing of the East India Company. He arranged for the disappearances of PoW Albert Victor, Prince John, Czar Nicholas and Edward VIII—personally.
https://www.amazon.com/dp/1502867672 . . . Saints or Sons of Perdition: George V versus Edward VIII.
Here is what the contemporary Press has to say about these Royals today. ELITE PEDOPHILE RING
4. Lord Mountbatten is accused of pedophilia trafficking.
5. Elizabeth II not a Royal at all; she’s mercantile.
1926. Bloodline member in doubt. Her mother Eliz Bowes Lyon used a house maid as surrogate.
1953. QE2 renounced her Coronation Vows on the day she was crowned in 1953. Elizabeth II signed her Coronation Oath AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE, not at the bottom indicating Acceptance.
2007. Surrogates and doppelgangers adopted as policy to take the place of Royals, anytime they wish.
6. Prince Philip is known for drug-running and trafficking
7. Charles, Prince of Wales, friend of traffickers, especially Jimmy Savile.
8. Andrew, Duke of York, patron of Lolita Island and Jeffrey Epstein
This branch of the Royal bloodline is no longer to be trusted with Coronation Vows, Dominion nor Leadership of the British Culture, Church or Ethical Practice.

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Mack Major #fundie facebook.com

Wet: Dead Things Are Formed Under The Water - my latest ebook is out! This ebook deals with the origin of demons, their ancestry, and where they come from.

It takes you on an epic journey through the Bible and other manuscripts from the Dead Sea Scrolls to show what the nature of demons truly is; and how they've influenced life on earth since their arrival here.

You'll be shocked to know that many of our current everyday practices have their origins with demonic activity. Including many of our sexual practices.

The ancient people had no problem accepting the reality of a supernatural world that coexisted right alongside our own natural world. It's only in modern times, since the advent of the scientific age, that we scoff at the notion of a supernatural world in favor of a natural world that we can manipulate ourselves through technology.

Even more surprising to know that much of our modern technology was in fact given to us by none other than demons! Which begs the question:

Are we manipulating nature: or are we being manipulated by diabolical forces from another dimension that want to enslave, control and ultimately destroy the human race? Moreover, what does the Bible say about these things?

Get your copy of Wet today for just $13.99 - and find ou

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"Be sober-minded and alert. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. " 1 Peter 5:8

Many are unaware that when you gave your life to Jesus Christ - and often before then - there was a satanic agent assigned to derail your life and cause you to not produce the fruit of salvation in your life.

"The seed that fell on the footpath represents those who hear the message about the Kingdom and don't understand it. Then the evil one comes and snatches away the seed that was planted in their hearts." Matthew 13:19

This evil agent of the enemy wants to stop you short of fulfilling the calling of God in your life. You can often feel its pull against you when you set your heart to do right, and then strange events conspire to lead you right back into sin and failure.

This is the unseen thing that causes many Christian marriages to fail, businesses to go bankrupt, suffocating financial hardships to arise against you, and even sickness and disease to blindside you unexpectedly.

This thing will not stop until it has succeeded in causing you to fail in the assignment of God for your life. It's like a demonic bloodhound sent to sniff you out and dog your life with negative events designed to make you doubt God's Word and live a broken life of defeat.

But you can absolutely prevail and have total victory over it! Jesus has provided for our win - we just need to know the things that we are wrestling against so that we can fight effectively and WIN. (Ephesians 6:12)

Join me THIS Friday (July 6th) for my newest eClass titled: Destiny Hunters: Discerning and Beating The Demonic Forces Hunting Down Your Destiny and Purpose.

This eClass is all about your total liberation. We will expose the destiny hunters in your own life; show you how they've been working against you. And you'll learn how to cancel the assignment of these evil agents of the devil, enabling you to reach your greater potential in Christ Jesus.

I would like to keep this small and personable - plus, I want to do a question and answer session afterwards where I'll take all of your questions and answer each individual one.

Sign up begins immediately and ends when all the slots have been filled. The cost is just $39 and lasts for 2 days. But seats will fill up face. So hurry and reserve your spot now! paypal.me/edendecoded

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Here is some RED pilled truth from the bible.
It's quite irrelevant as to whether ur a Christian or not.
What is important is the fact that this shines a light on the idea that female nature has always been the same at least 2k years...this proves they cannot be tamed...and women claiming Christianity cannot deny this verse or they deny quote "Gods Word" (thoughtful smiley, laughing smiley)
But hey we all know they will miss interpret it or manipulate the context to suit THEIR comfort zone which must be cozy at all times (thoughtful smiley, laughing smiley, skull smiley, ghost smiley)
Also they they will likely simply look over the verse itself. Cause no logic destroys God's in their faith...(thoughtful smiley, followed by lots of laughing smileys)
However.....deeeep down It's a hidden secret...
Most women only worship one God...the almighty vagina...
(Video showing translations of Proverbs 27:16, which says that trying to control a woman is as futile as controlling the wind and grasping things with an oiled hand)

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UK Korean Friendship Association #fundie facebook.com

'Defectors ' are deservedly called human scum by the DPRK . Some of them have now taken to the media and social media attacking Trump for being 'too soft ' on the DPRK . Incredible ! What have these people being taking ? Are they insane ? Are they nazis? (after they are attacking Trump from the right !) . If the US and other Western countries want to improve relations with People's Korea they should stop giving publicity to these people.

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[at 23:30]

Jesus Christ doesn’t live in the throne room all the time. He actually has His own mansion. He deserves it. He had to come and live as a man and put up with all that, right? He died for us, so I think He deserves His own place. He has a magnificent mansion that’s in the biggest field of flowers that all sing. They sing all the time. And I mean they have faces and they sing and they’re beautiful. And I’ve seen inside of the mansion.

… It’s a big place where there’s tables labeled with all kinds of desserts… Every dessert you’d ever want because Jesus likes sweets. And there’s dancing there all of the time. And He plans special parties when someone comes home. He will actually send someone in His Golden Chariot with an invitation to that individual which is given by one of His angels — his personal angels — and they will read off of this beautiful scroll that they are going to be the guest to honor. The honored guest at a party thrown by Jesus Christ…

… He loves flowers, dancing, and sweets. That’s His three favorite things, besides us.

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Mack Major #fundie facebook.com

Jesus healed the deaf. We provide them with a sign language interpreter.

Jesus opened blind eyes. We provide them with books and Bibles written in Braille.

Jesus cured the lame. We provide them with walking canes and wheelchairs.

Jesus cleansed the lepers. We send them to a dermatologist.

Jesus rebuked cancer and it left. We run races for it; and it stays.

Jesus cured the mentally insane by casting demons out of them. We send them to the psychiatrist, and put them on Abilify and Risperdal.

Parents brought their kids to Jesus; and He blessed them by laying hands on them. We take our kids to the local priest; and he 'lays' with them.

Jesus rebuked the winds and the storm: and they obeyed His voice. We pick up the pieces after the storm has destroyed everything we own.

Jesus sent His word and healed them. We send our word to share the latest celebrity gossip.

Something's wrong saints! And we can't keep pretending like there isn't. Why does our Christianity look so different from the Christianity in the Bible?

Why do we champion sin and make light of holiness; when our forefathers in the faith preached freedom from sin and declared holiness to be the only way to see God? Why do we harp more on tithes and offerings, and harp little on repentance from dead works?

The world looks at us and laughs. They looked at Paul and declared "He's turning the world upside down!" 'Jezebels' and 'Ahabs' run rampant in our churches, because there aren't many 'Elijahs' and 'Elishas' around willing to confront them.

The problem is simple: the church has been sapped of her power. We've replaced Holy Ghost anointing with human ability. Like kryptonite is to Superman, sin is our weakness.

But we're different in this respect: we seem to LOVE our kryptonite! At least superman had enough sense to get far away from his.
We need solutions that are soaked in the wisdom of God. And my ebook provides them. It's titled HEDONISM: DESTROYING DEMONIC SEXUAL STRONGHOLDS.

This is one of the biggest problems in the church: nobody wants to talk about sex! Yet it's the one big sin that we grapple with the most.
I wrote this ebook out of frustration. Because I'm tired of watching demons kicking Christians' heads in. And it's time to FIGHT BACK!

This ebook will show you exactly what's holding you back from walking in the divine power Christ has given us.

Perhaps it's the tattoo you got that opened a demonic portal. Or maybe it's the spirit that went home with you the same night you visited that nightclub. And what exactly is a Christian doing in a nightclub anyway???

It could be the oath you swore years ago to ancient Egyptian/Greek gods, when you pledged Greek. Or the covenant you made with your eyes when you watched those dirty movies.

Whatever's been holding you back, it's time to lay aside those silly distractions and move purposely in the direction of power and victory in Jesus Christ!

"Since we are surrounded by so many examples [of faith], we must get rid of everything that slows us down, especially sin that distracts us. We must run the race that lies ahead of us and never give up." *Hebrews 12:1 (GWT)

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I am so angry right now! My 8 year old Cameron was just watching Garfield a Friends on Netflix. The episode: Volume 2, episode 2, "Food Fun", and at about 16:30 minutes into the show, Jon is singing in the shower, and Garfield is on the bed covering his ears.

Jon's singing is pretty awful, so I am anticipating Garfield to make a funny comment about it. Instead what he says is horrifying.

Garfield says;

"People who sing in the shower should be dragged in the street and shot."

THINK about what that says! I couldn't get to the TV fast enough to shut it off. I also couldn't believe that a children's show would say such a thing. I am so sick of screening CHILDREN'S SHOWS!

So parent's, before you allow your precious, innocent, babies to watch Garfield and Friends, or other CHILDREN'S shows, unfortunately, you should take the time to screen them for adult/inappropriate content! (Like parent's have time to screen every show). Sadly, and obviously though, we need to make time.

Please share this so other parent's and children don't get caught off guard like I did! Shame on anyone who thinks this is appropriate content for children!

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If you've been following the news for the past week, you've heard by now that FB's head M. Zuckerberg has been testifying before Congress about how this site has purposely been targeting Christian and conservative content like mine, attempting to stop our reach and shut down pages that it deems a menace to the FB community.

I've been telling my followers about this since 2016 when it became obvious that FB was targeting me (and I still have the emails between them and I to prove it). Now the whole world knows. It's great to finally be publicly validated and somewhat vindicated.

Also, for the past few days I've been telling those who follow me about several things I have going on at the moment that, due to being restricted from seeing it, you probably weren't aware of. Therefore I'll be extending and making them available for a bit longer.

These include a pay what you want special for all of my ebooks, and preregistering for a new eclass that contains never before seen or read material that deals with rooting out the demonic enemy in our bloodline that's attempting to keep us common, unaccomplished and living way beneath our God-granted capabilities.

(Many people suffer from generational violence, poverty and sickness, specifically due to this demonic messenger that has somehow become tied and connected to our genetics through someone from our families in the past who opened that doorway for it to gain access. This isn't about 'generational curses,' which has been done a million times already in the Body of Christ. This goes much deeper and is more practical.)

I want all of you to have full and total opportunity to have both of these: the great deal on my ebooks (which I've officially extended until today as well) and this latest eclass. Links for both will be in the comment section down below.

Keep myself and my team in your prayers, as we continue to fight the good fight against such opposition as these billion dollar tech companies that are attempting to silence genuine Christian voices online like ours (as well as others).

And please continue to support our work. There are very few Christian voices like this one that are willing to bring hard yet necessary words of correction to the Body of Christ. Everyone likes sugar-coated fluff these days. But mine isn't a fluffy ministry that makes you feel comfortable in sin. That's not my calling.

I was called to help bring you out of sin and into a closer more authentic walk with Jesus Christ. And I'll do this by whatever means necessary. So your prayers and support are always needed as the opposition for doing such work is insanely fierce.

God bless.

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Michael Zeestraten #fundie facebook.com

It all comes from the upbringing. If you bring people up in Gods word. They will understand and follow Gods word. The only thing that supports the scientific facts are. The continual watching of the approval same-sex agenda on TV. As well as the lack of teaching in the word of God.

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Have you ever wondered why the liberal/"progressive"/Democrat academia in charge of our public "education" system has such a hate for the Bible and for Christianity?

Understand the (Satanic) spirit behind (and in charge of) them, and you will start to understand why...

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Sarah N. Bauer #fundie facebook.com

When God gave you the basic sex/gender when you were being formed in the womb, that is what you are. This is the height of lying to oneself and buying into a fabricated fantasy. Gender dysmorphic syndrome is encouraged in our schools and called choice. How sick are our teachers.