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(=This fundie trolls a thread with pictures of athiests or agnostics who committed to prove athiesm is evil=)

CoffeeH: Another atheist kid who thought he could manage his own purpose. Eric Harris.

Iain Lovejoy: I am a Christian, and you purport to be so, so I'll speak to you Christian to Christian (and I'm sorry if this little speech is out of place in an atheist blog). Seriously, WTF is wrong with you? Is your "purpose in life" to persuade as many people as possible that Christianity turns you into a d*ck? I am struggling to see how anyone who has even had a brief glimpse of the love of God, or comprehended anything at all of the character of Jesus could write this stuff. Are you an atheist deliberately trying to discredit religion? Why do you hate your fellow human beings so? God loved sinners (even the lost souls whose pictures you put up) to such an extent he permitted them to kill him in order to save them, and forgave them while they did so; haven't you read the Bible? John said that we cannot purport to love God we cannot see if we do not love our neighbour we can see, and that is because it is our fellow human beings who carry God's image into the world. All these shooters killed because they (rightly or wrongly) felt rejected and despised by the world. By their neighbour. By us. By you. If they had no "purpose" in life it was because they felt their own life worthless, because they felt hated, or despised, or treated with contempt, and returned hate with hate. So what do you do? You hate. You tell people who haven't had the good fortune to have a glimpse of God in the world that that makes them useless, or evil, or somehow worse than anyone else. You smugly post pictures of broken,lost people as if it proved anything other than your own desperate brokenness and need of God. Over and over I feel compelled to apologise for people like you. People who use the name "Christian" which I ought to be proud of, and make it an embarrassment, a burden, something to be ashamed of. Well I'm fed up. The Bible has only one character that constantly accuses human beings of sin, that demands their punishment and spews out libel against those who are good. Only one character that hates mankind and seeks to consign them to hell. That character is the Accuser ("Satan" in Greek). Your father whom you bandy about is not God but the Accuser and I am sick to death of people serving his purposes while his claiming to be serving God. OK. Deep breath. Rant over. God loves you as he loves every one of those lost souls whose pictures you have posted. You may have no knowledge of him, and have mistaken hatred for love, the Accuser for the Redeemer, but he does not give up he will one day free you from whatever pit of loathing you have confined yourself. And when he does you will find the doubters and atheists who love their fellow men at God's table waiting for you - anyone who loves his neighbour, who is God's child, and the world, which is God's creation, loves God better than someone who wraps himself in religious-speak, hates his neighbour and worships his own hatred and calls it God.

Raging Bee: Also, I notice you seem to be aware of how wrong the alt-right are; but you're only using that to attack atheists, instead of attacking the alt-right directly. Maybe you're the one lacking a decent purpose here.

CoffeeH: I think anyone finding their purpose in the alt-right is not finding their purpose in God.

Iain Lovejoy: Big whoopee, now you are preening yourself you are not an out-and-out Nazi (or possibly just that you aren't any worse). If you want to call yourself a Christian, perhaps you might hold yourself to slightly higher standards?

CoffeeH: Every day, we hear the garbage that religion causes most of the harm in the world or ever. It's BS. Sometimes, people need to see how wrong they are. It's ok.

Iain Lovejoy: Don't give me that. It is anything but "OK". If you want to do Christianity a service, take down your garbage and apologise. All you are doing is demonstrating precisely why people think religion causes harm, and indeed doing the exact harm people complain about. Your job as a Christian is to display God's love in the world, you are doing the opposite. If this school shooter is an atheist, it is precisely people like you, and the shameful behaviour they (and you) display towards anyone not sharing their beliefs or fitting in that helped produce the social isolation and bitterness that broke his mind. Love your enemies, welcome the stranger and the outcast, see God in every human being and welcome them in, show them God in your actions and love. That is Christianity. At least try and be a Christian this one time and stop this.



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