vann tedd #conspiracy

Another stunning report by Neil Clark ,it deserve the Pulitzer Prize. Is an eye opening of how whenever the western politics interfere in any event that is supposed to united Nations just for a few weeks ,whether is Music or Sports the end result will always be just continuation of their dirty politics. "Russian Agression" "Russia this or Russia that" always Russia bad surface in every event the usual people allowed to organize. The Results of Europe Vision clearly shows that is not really a musical competition
but just an extension of Neocons /zionist cold war against Russia . I really think a major Boycott on Eurovision organizers to be done ,and all Europe celebrate the 2017 contest in Sochi Russia regardless of the rigged and clear manipulated results. Also it will be nice to see songs about the deportations and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians ,by Israeli Aparheid state of Nutanyahu and the deportation of Russians and Ukrainians by Poroshenko ,and his army bombing civilians women or children. or the Odessa Massacre ,the Armenian Genocide by Turkey not recognized by the west or perhaps US gov criminal against Syria,forcing millions to flee their homes or be killed by Obama sponsored terrorism. Plenty of things to talk ,that are much worse than what Tatars ( who joined forces with Nazis to kill jews and Russians) experienced.



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