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Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 8:41 pm Post subject: Demonized parents and me; can't find legal rights


Hi all,

I have been working with a minister attempting to cast my demons out by telephone for awhile. Finally strongholds are coming down and the Holy Spirit has revealed some things to me.

First, my father is/was demonized. I am certain of it. He acted crazy, never diagnosed, did a lot of self-mutilation drinking mixed with tranquilizers. Just tormented in general. He was badly abused as a child.

Mom has a history of fear of God and blasphemous thoughts coming from nowhere starting around age 8. Terrible anxiety & depression, started on tranqilizers at a young age (early teens). Irrational fears. Not abused as a child.

I started showing signs of demonization around age 3. Bizarre fears to the point of paranoia, anxiety and depression, driven into therapy at age 5.

I believe I picked up demons from trauma by seeing my father acting crazy from his demons.

The problems now is, I can't figure out what legal rights the demons had to my parents. Both sides of the family are Christian to the core; my great-grandfather (Mom's side) was a Presbyterian minister.

I am trying to dig out legal rights so I get rid of these things once and for good. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that I am bondage to the fear of not being able to care for myself (tangled with fear of Mom dying and fear of failure on the job- I haven't worked due to depression for over 6 years).

Can anyone enlighten me as to where legal rights may lie? My situation is so bad and the demons have been so strong my whole life that the minister working with me suspected Freemasonry in my ancestry but there is none. Is trauma and abuse enough of a legal right for a demon to come in?

Thanks & God bless.



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