David Bay #conspiracy cuttingedge.org

A resurgence in Nazism is occurring in America today that is shocking to the point of disbelief. Yet, we should not be surprised, for two basic reasons. First, as we have demonstrated in Radio Program, CE1001, America has replaced her traditional Christian Values National Foundation, and has substituted a Satanic Values Foundation. (If you haven't read this program, you should do so now). Since most Americans today unknowingly subscribe to these values, we should not be surprised that active Neo-Nazism is springing up. Second, we should not be surprised because millions of Americans have subscribed to the New Age belief system, and are actively practicing this religion. We have studied the New Age beliefs, and have discovered that they believe so many of the doctrines of Nazism as to defy belief. But, once you understand this fact, you can see why it would be easy today for the Neo-Nazi New World Order government to be enthusiastically installed in this country.



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