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Although constant chaos is how Obama misdirects the public and the press, motivates his base, demonizes opponents and sets the stage for progressive “solutions” to problems government has caused, there’s one paramount aspect of ruling-by-crisis that most analysts overlook:

Creating and exploiting crises is not just a means of transforming America. It’s a means of transforming Americans.

An essential part of Obama’s attempted reimagining of America is keeping everyone upset, angry and off balance. So, when his administration attacks states that pass commonsense “voter ID” laws, or mandates that religious institutions violate their own faith by providing abortifacients and contraceptives to employees as part of their insurance coverage, more mischief is at work than meets the eye.

Sure, the administration wants to win the fight at hand (striking down voter ID laws allows more vote fraud by Democrat voters, and forcing religious institutions to provide contraceptives enforces secular values over sacred ones). But the battle is simultaneously being waged on another plane: Every time the government creates another “crisis,” it promotes and enlarges the societal stress, the emotional instability, the cultural anxiety, the brooding anger, uncertainty, dread and growing national self-doubt that allow progressive change to take root in the confused and battered public mind.

Each time Obama lies (which is most of the time), he is creating a mini-crisis. Every time he unjustly blames conservatives or the tea party for America’s woes, he creates a mini-crisis – something for people to react to, to get upset over, something to waste their time and energy and raise their blood pressure.

Therefore, manufactured crises accomplish much more than just keeping us distracted and misdirected. On a deeper personal level, constant crises have the potential to keep us upset, drained, enervated, emotional, fearful, intimidated, frustrated and angry. We don’t even want to listen to the news anymore because it is so upsetting. Moreover, in such a state, we cannot fight back effectively. For while anger and rage may feel like strength, that is an illusion. Strength flows from calmness and courage, rooted in faith, in the face of adversity – not from anger and rage.

Remember this: Obama and his team want you to be frustrated and resentful. They will wear you out and steal your strength that way. Think about it.



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