Rosalie #conspiracy

Who's looking out for the rights of the millions of people developing severe environmental sensitivities, resulting in debilitating illnesses from the daily, multi-faceted assaults on our bodies?

All the many, round-the-clock hits to the system, starting with geoengineering, HAARP, frequencies, wifi, cell phones and towers and the horrific 5G, and smart meters, just to name the obvious high-tech offenders.

What if we don't want to be swimming in this toxic soup? Where does a person live when they become so environmentally sensitive?

Solution? A worldwide organization to protect the rights of the environmentally sensitive. Well; that would be all of us. Haha. Many just haven't connected the dots yet, and fill their bodies with meds instead.

I would call this organization ESRO: Environmental Sensitivity Rights Organization. No political ties. Powered by the people. Class action lawsuits. Who's with me?



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