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The Fear That 'Love And Understanding Will Never Win' is justified as long as we have people like Barack Hussein Obama and Melanie Hobsen running around the nation targeting white communities with the racist statement - -there is not enough diversity here. (NPR has pulled this comment down millions of times). People who grew up together have a right to sustain both tradition and civility without fear of gun shot wounds to the head and heart or bricks thrown their windows and looting. The President wouldn't know anything about having bricks thrown through living room windows onto a defenseless child -- I was that child -- straight As in school -- white -- and whomever did it had to drive miles to the outskirts of Detroit to find our home. Apparently black affirmative action in Detroit included finding the children who worked the hardest and excelled and trying to kill them. Fifty years later you've got a negro attorney at the Univerisity of Michigan arranging for black people (alumni) to do the same thing -- only she threatens white police officers with termination of their employment contracts if they don't do her bidding. She's younger than POTUS and has never done anything remotely world class; i know this because DOJ cut a deal with her office so they could avoid indictment. What we envisioned after the "67" riots was something like this Boblo Boat commericial.

But that's not good enough for you people. 45 years later -- 2010 --you run into our neighborhoods, trash our vehicles (the guy who ran a knife over my vehicle is Mulatto - just like the President -- like a bull invited into a china shop -- he couldn't help but destroy everything in sight. I had to call police to remove him. You invite people from India to live in our country -- let's see -- one of them pretends to be a physician and mutilated me. I repeat this here because I was informed by key executives around the nation they receive direct threats from the Secretary of Labor, and more to make sure I am not employed. Is this reverse discrimination; NO! You're covering up massive mental inadequacy through intellectual property theft worth more than the combined earnings of big pharma.
POTUS says "Change has been to slow." Does he mean he hasn't killed and robbed enough white people yet through (affordable health care -- no consent human subjects testing/torture) or data collection through web crawling and other economic espionage activities. POTUS made that statement from Poland. Poland used to be Lithuania. It used to be Austria. It used to be Germany. I don't want him in the country of my great, great ancestors. He dances on their graves. Take a look at the Boblo boat commericial. it was made three years after the 67 riots. Change is fine in social settings. But you do not have the right to break up our traditions -- of clean, quiet, environmentally beautiful forests and neighborhoods because your foreign invitees don't feel safe. All you've done is trash our nation. That black man who shot the white officers in Dallas lost his life because the white officers in Minnesota, New Orleans, and most certainly and indesputably the Ann Arbor Campus of the University of Michigan, the Washtenaw County Sherriff and former Chief of Police of Ann Arbor -- are taking they orders from a very black women -- to violate all know state and federal laws. Apparently it is "inappropriate conduct" to protest massive internal bleeding and cancer-causing implants eroding all major organs. That will get the very black attorney ordering the white DPS Chief to order a black rookie (Woods) to point a gun at your head and look up your skirt.
We understand each other just fine now. I, like many have had to suspend my belief in anything JFK or MLK intended -- because the reality is -- we've got a racist president. Forests grow like trees because that's where their seeds drop. If a tree falls in the forest -- every animal and insect hears it. And if you can't see the forest through the trees -- it does not give you the right to chop down our trees because there is not enough diversity here. God and nature got it right.



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