Anna Diehl #fundie

When you assume that you can read God’s mind for Him and accurately anticipate His will in every situation, you assume incorrectly. In the Bible, we find God telling fathers to kill their children (Abraham, Jephthah & the Levites). We find Him telling soldiers to commit genocide. We find Him ordering cities to be burned to the ground and never rebuilt. We find Him turning sincere believers into powerful politicians who helped run their governments as they worked alongside a bunch of demon worshiping sorcerers (Daniel & Joseph). Does God want His people involved in politics? Absolutely. Does He want His people going to war? Yes. God wants all kinds of things, and sometimes His orders get downright bizarre. God told the prophet Isaiah to walk around naked for years. He told the prophet Ezekiel to lie in the dirt for over a year. He told the prophet Jeremiah to walk around wearing a wooden yoke around his neck. He told Gideon how to set up a deceptive ruse on the battlefield. He approved of the prophet Elisha publicly lying to a bunch of enemy soldiers and then leading them into an ambush. You can’t anticipate God—He’s wild and unpredictable. He has a long history of handing out some very bizarre orders. Yet because God is so powerful and so able to make your life a misery, He really isn’t Someone you should be trifling with.



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