Charcoal #racist

NR would never tolerate such an article nor muster such defense about Detroit. The bald truth is that Peak Selma was reached in 1965, and in 1968 we began our long descent into Selma Envy, starting with Jesse Jackson being within 10 feet of Martin Luther King when he was shot, wiping King's blood on him, cradling the body in a pieta pose for photographs, and walking around Memphis for three days with King's blood on his shirt.
Like Robert Mugabe and his Zimbabwean Dollar, the fruit of so much hard work and risk became extremely cheap. The Race Card, which contains a Victim Card, has lost its value.
But poor whites were never availed of the Race Card. The last acceptable bigotry in America is against Anglo Saxon Christians. Doubly so if they are male.
And there are no more Selma marches to salve their victimhood at taxpayer expense.
No, white Lubbockites still need 4 or 5 extra points on the ACT and at least a half point on the GPA to get into college. Similar double standards for the job market.
What poor white America is angry about is that all of Hollywood, pop culture, most social media, and all of academe says discrimination is wrong: sometimes, if your skin is the right color.



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