The Naive Gatekeeper #fundie

Neither the female, those of dark skin, or the jew, shall be allowed to vote in the coming National State which will be formed out of our New Idea. As a matter of fact, the idea of voting may not even exist in the New Government. The means of it’s coming into manifestation will determine whether or not such a process will be necessary, as the less procedures – so called “rights”- left over from demonocracy, the better. Voting is a process easily corrupted as witnessed in today’s “elections” of those belonging to the two hands with one mind behind them. This “government by the people” horseshit is actually government by satan. I know….many brothers and comrades don’t believe in any such being, but that’s their loss.

So-called democracy is the rule by the feminine principle which ultimately leads to a country ruled as such, always turns into a cesspit, a macro hell on earth. All this happens through the voting and rule of law process, therefore legalized corruption, which the ancient writer described as “framing mischief by law”. Democracy is a Spiritual disease like cancer and affects the mind. It’s thought of as a positive good, but is actually evil.



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