Rodrigo Duterte #fundie

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Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte reacted to the discovery Wednesday of the bodies of two Vietnamese sailors who had been held hostage by saying he would eat alive the militants responsible.

The sailors were kidnapped along with four other crew members of a Vietnamese cargo ship in November 2016. Their remains were found off the Southern region of Mindanao by Philippine troops.

The country's military said Abu Sayyaf, the radical Islamist militant group that had previously attacked other sailors, including German Jurgen Kantner, is to blame.

"I will eat your liver if you want me to. Give me salt and vinegar and I will eat it in front of you," Duterte told local officials late Wednesday, holding up a mobile phone with pictures of the deceased Vietnamese soldiers.

"I eat everything. I am not picky. I eat even what cannot be swallowed."



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