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Give me a break. When Rev. Louis Farrakhan, a well known hate preacher, was banned from entry into Britain, it was the illustrious Sadiq Khan who campaigned to have the ban overturned. Sadiq Khan has also gone out of his way to provide legal representation to various Islamist terrorists, including one imprisoned in Guantanamo. Note that Khan hasn't extended any similar support to British skinheads or IRA. So Mr Sadiq Khan is very selective on whose rights he'll campaign for - he gives preference to his own. With one out of every eight Londoners being Muslim and more than a third of Londoners being foreign-born, this election also showed how once again Muslims always vote for their own, and how whites are really the ones most likely to vote beyond their own ethnic group. Even I know that, and I'm a non-white Asian (my family actually comes from the same part of India that Sadiq Khan's family comes from.)

Trump showed magnanimity, and Sadiq Khan only showed his petty venal nature by shunning the hand extended to him. Oh, we know Khan cares about his family and his own - his entire political career is ample proof of that - but he can't seem to care more about the people who died in San Bernardino, or those who are going to die in the future as more extremists come into the West under carte-blanche open-border policies. I wish Khan would show the courage to campaign against the fundamentalists in his midst. Even the mosque he prays at in his home electoral district of Tooting has been mired in controversies, by discriminating against Muslims belonging to other sects. Islam can't even get along with its own, and they're trying to lecture the rest of us on tolerance??

Get out of town, man.



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