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Do you really think we can all just "get along"? The more different we are, the more we have to fight over. The more likely different groups are to compete with one another, instead of cooperating.

We all "shared" this planet for many centuries, but only in the past 70 or so years have European governments decided to allow massive amounts of immigration. When will there have been enough immigration? When the standard of living in Europe is equal to that of Africa or Asia? Good luck convincing Europeans that is a good thing for their children. Or maybe the motive is to reduce worldwide racial diversity so everyone looks more alike, and racism will come to an end? Then why aren't all the African peoples, or Latin American peoples, or east Asian peoples, or Native American peoples, being diluted?

Admit it: this is all about destroying the economic, cultural, and genetic inheritance of white people. Whether you agree with it because you feel like it is justice for colonialism and imperialism, or because of jealousy and spite, or because it is the socially trendy thing to do, you are advocating for genocide. Please understand this.



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