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It seems "they" have a thing with bringing winter back on weekends specifically, because we're in for it again here starting Friday morning. Lots of HAARP wind gusts will be the first act starting today. Originally, the scheduled high temps for today and tomorrow were to be in the low 60s. They've backpedaled on that, now saying maybe 50s, with the occasional 45 mph wind gusts. Temps will begin falling tomorrow night and, as if on cue, a storm system will move in from northwest to southeast, dumping a couple inches of fake snow as temps again plummet into the 30s. The scheduled weather for the weekend is again for highs in the 20s to low 30s, high winds, teens or lower at night. Looking ahead to next weekend, same thing. Perhaps it's that more people are home on weekends, not stuck inside their workplaces, and therefore more likely to notice the ongoing "theater". Or perhaps these clinically insane controllers just love making weekends as miserable as possible for those who do have the weekend off. Maybe a little of both.

People are noticing, though. They're not as complacent as they used to be. I overheard a brief exchange between a customer and a manager in a local supermarket last week, when the ungodly, unnatural cold was firmly in place. The customer said "If people don't get sick after this, it'll be a miracle." The manager, usually congenial and smiling, replied in a very monotone voice, not smiling, "Everybody is sick."

People are noticing. Waking them up may not be as difficult as the weather manipulation gets more and more blatant, and frequent. I will certainly continue to do my part in that respect.



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