Tuxford #conspiracy phys.org

LaViolette's model has passed a number of cosmological tests, but does not lend itself to standard physics tests. Other test methods are needed. So cosmologists must fall in line or be ridiculed. Look at the ridicule I have suffered here.

LaViolette used to the model to predict the Pioneer anomaly, for example. And he used terms which are considered taboo, such as etheric. So the ridicule keeps science from looking at it, similar in effect to the UFO propaganda propagated by our government to help keep science blinded by relativist nonsense.

The electro-gravitic research started by Brown, etc. in the 50's and by the aerospace industry of the time has gone black since then. And science has since bowed to the black hole, big bang nonsense. Instead, we have wasted billions on the NASA PR stunts. This has kept the electro-gravitic physics hidden from dangerous rouge nations, and confined largely to Area 51, etc. So the strategy has been effective, with no rogue nation threat.



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