Lavender #sexist

"So what does it mean to feel like a woman? It means that if you are a woman, it’s whatever you are currently feeling." What?!?

I'm baffled that people think this passes for a reasonable statement. If any feeling at all can make you a woman, this means that womanhood has no meaning. If men can be woman, then womanhood is nothing more than a costume. Misogyny has reached its zenith: the erasure of females in the guise of progressive politics. Men who push this propaganda - that's no surprise.

But women who actively indulge in female erasure is always shocking to me and proof positive of just how powerful patriarchy is in convincing women to internalize their own subordination. Men will always use this as an excuse to say that those women who do challenge femininity and gender are just angry, bitter witches.

It's a brilliant system, it really is, and all it needs to perpetuate itself is a critical mass of people who don't care enough about women and girls to question statements that are so clearly nonsensical. If I spend the rest of my life arguing with men and women about this, so be it. Once you realize how insane all of this all is, you just can't keep quiet.



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