sammy bowe #racist

I have just watched the Anti-White film "Spinal Tap" again and i saw it in a different light once you realise who is behind it and the anti white agenda. The main man who is the jewey eyed sly kike "Christopher Guest" who really lays into white rock and the culture of white rock musicians in general and in this has a go at the Brits and makes the white man look ridicoulous in just about every aspect of white rock music. I have seen this guy interviewed before and he is such a frigging phoney its untrue and you can see in his sly kikey eyes that he is already working out the answers before you have asked him the questions which is a noticible kike trait. I saw him interviewed and he said he got the idea for the film from watching a british band of white rockers in an airport lounge which is just the sly kikey way of having an excuse to take the piss and making the white man look stupid with this film as he knows that guitar based music is mainly white and always will be and what he hates really is the massive white cultural scene it is as muds will never listen to it or follow it. Their true colours came right at the end of the film after all the white bashing when the group said their music was "Racist" in the final interview just to rub it in, but what i would like to ask the twat is when is he going to direct a film about a bunch of "Thick black rappers" and take the piss out of them......answers on a postcard.............



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