cinderchild #sexist

This is a really great article about how "terf" has become not only a slur but hate speech but you left out a huge part of the problem that TRAs have with women: lesbians. Lesbians are one of the most vulnerable groups of women already and the vitriol hurled at them for being lesbians is disgusting. Lesbians who acknowledge that a lesbian is a female homosexual, and only attracted to females, is automatically branded a "terf" because TRAs have decided that lesbians are attracted to gender, not sex.

This happens to lesbians who aren't radfems or even gender critical; they're lesbians who seek out females and they are punished for that. There are so few lesbian spaces anymore, having been invaded by TIMs who say they are lesbians and therefore lesbians must consider them viable partners. Lesbians are called bigots for exercising their right to be a female homosexual who is not attracted to males and simply saying that they are not attracted to TIMs brands them "terfs". See Riley J Dennis. While this article was great, leaving out lesbians is a huge disservice to them.

Lesbians endure more than their share of hate piled on them simply because they don't see TIMs as viable dating or sex partners because lesbians are not attracted to males. The transactivist movement is not only incredibly misogynist but also incredibly homophobic by telling lesbians that if they don't see TIMs as women they are disgusting bigoted terfs, and they must consider TIMs as partners because "trans women are women". It's quite akin to corrective rape. I realise this is kind of rambly and out of order, I'm extremely tired right now but wanted to get these thoughts down before I forgot.



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