Joe Smith #racist

My idea has always been to create a database of mudshark women (that anyone can submit info to), in particularly those who actually can defy their sense of sight, smell , and reasoning to fuck niggers. I think we should focus on those who go to other countries to commit bestiality, the "sex tourists", I can guarantee most of these perverts are very embarrassed of what they are doing, but also bringing up so many diseases and AIDS when they have "magical" sodomy with a down syndrome IQ Massai "warrior" .

You'd be shocked at how fast a large portion of white women zoophiles would stop dating negroes. The slight chance of social ostracization or risk of getting hang up calls will set them straight. They don't do this because they want to , the do it out of novelty and because they have a lot of money and are bored. Although the curiosity itself is gross, it would be like getting curious about what a bonobo's pussy feels like.

IF some kike calls it "racist" you can just argue that it has nothing to do with any moral dilemma, but rather is a resource for men since women who partake in this behavior are far more likely to be single mothers, have STD's , and be by and large generally immoral wiggers.



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