Robert T. Lee #fundie

I'm sure you are aware of how violent America's and the world's community of youths have gotten, even at very young ages.

[Two stories of teen violence, neither of which mention anything about atheism.]

Now do you realize who the people are who are responsible for children having gotten so violent? The answer is ATHEISTS and other non-beleivers in the true God. So you may ask how can this be? The reason why they are responsible is because they hate God and teach their children against God (which is the highest form of child abuse). For example: Atheists hate the TEN COMMANDMENTS because God is their Author. In the TEN COMMANDMENTS, God commands all mankind not to kill, not to steal, to honor our parents and so forth. Since atheists hate God and His Commandments, they teach their children and the children they have authority over against God and against His commandments. There is no other morality other than God's Moral Law. God is the Author of all morality. Since atheists teach children against God's morality, they have to in turn be teaching them to do the very things God says not to do.



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