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If there is no God,then there can be no objective standards of right and wrong .
Without God, moral values are either,
1)Expressions of personal taste,or
2)The by-products of socio-biological evolution and conditioning .
In a world without God,who is to say which values and right and which are wrong??
Who is to judge that the values of Adolf Hitler are inferior to those of a Saint?
The concept of morality loses all meaning in a universe without God……..
“To say that something is wrong because…it is forbidden by God(is)…. Perfectly understandable to anyone who believes in a law-giving God.But to say something is wrong …even though no God exists to forbid it,is not understandable….
The concept of moral obligation is unintelligible apart from the idea of God.The words remain but their meaning is gone.In a world without God,there can Brno objective right and wrong,only our culturally and personally relative,subjective judgements.This means it is impossible to condemn war,oppression,or crime as evil.Nor can one praise brotherhood,equality and love as good.Without God,good and evil do not exist-there is only the bare valueless fact of existence,and there is no one to say you are right or I am wrong.



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