Mauri #conspiracy

In the state of California babies are found in the cabbage patch, brought perhaps by the stork. At least that is how it may be taught in the public schools when new bills SB777, AB 394 and AB 14, signed by Schwarzenegger, outlawing terms perceived as negative to “gays” in the public school curriculum, are implemented. No longer will it be socially correct to use terms such as Mon and Dad or Husband and Wife. But wait a minute; even “gays” have a Mom and a Dad. By signing this bill Arnold Schwarzenegger shows he is the “girlie-man.” Just like the students, does that mean he can use either the ladies’ or the men’s bathroom?

Is there a new hidden agenda behind this new law? Is there a plan that heterosexual reproduction is about to be outlawed? Will we all have to start reproducing by cloning? Perhaps they are considering instituting a Nazi Germany Eugenics plan, where the state decides which eggs meet up with which sperm. How did those kids turn out without a real Mom and Dad? Did they win any Nobel prizes? I wonder how many were sexually molested with only the state to protect them? Will it be considered fair game that, since only a Mom and a Dad can make a baby, the baby will be removed and given to a “gay” couple to raise in their “gay” lifestyle? This doesn’t sound like a religious issue to me. It sounds like an attack on the family unit of biological mother, father and children. It sounds like a giant step toward the death of humanity, no matter what lifestyle or religion you follow.



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