Anna Diehl #fundie

Your relationship with God is the only relationship in which it is appropriate for you to give total submission. It’s not only appropriate, it’s essential. God demands total submission from you, and until you give it to Him, He will put limits on how close you can be to Him. But total submission is a foreign concept for us humans. It’s also extremely unnerving because it forces us to accept a completely powerless position. If we’re going to totally submit to God, then that means He is free to do whatever He wants. If He makes a promise, He is free to break that promise anytime He wants, and there’s no basis on which we can cry that it’s unfair. You see, as soon as one partner in a relationship accepts a position of total submission, then the other partner is put in a situation of total domination. God says that as the Supreme Authority over all things, He is accountable to no one, and that you are obligated to respect and obey Him simply because He is God. Compromise is not on the table. God doesn’t say, “Give Me a little attention, and I’ll pour down the blessings.” God says, “I am God. I am the most glorious Being in existence. Praising, serving, and adoring Me 24/7 is the very least you should be doing as a creature who depends on Me for all things.”



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