Safa #sexist

I have often wondered why trannies (MtF) haven’t yet co-opted that other bastion of womanhood---Mother. Most women are mothers. Many women do not have a choice in the matter therefore motherhood is forced upon them. I would think that if any male claims to “feel” like a woman, he needs to include taking on the role of being the default parent who must provide for the emotional, economical and physical well-being of a child.

Of course, allowing trannies to adopt or foster children would be a horrible mistake as they are men and cannot always be trusted around vulnerable people. Also, trannies don’t seem to be interested in partnering with heterosexual men and performing the dirty jobs that are the purview of women in setting up housekeeping. Just wearing the costume of heterosexual male fantasy is a very small part of being a woman, and some females, like myself, don’t bother to do even that. Womanhood under patriarchy is domestic slavery, it is not glamorous or exciting. There is a reason Jewish men thank their god every morning for not making them women.



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