Anna Diehl #fundie

One Christian non-pedophile says, “God has never done anything but help me in life. I’m quite sure that He’s good.” But then a Christian pedophile says, “God has completely trashed me in life. And yet I’ve reached the point where I really am sure that He is good.” Do you think these two individuals have the same understanding of God’s goodness? Not at all. The pedophile understands the goodness of God on levels that the non-pedophile can’t even grasp, because the non-pedophile hasn’t even begun to face how involved God is in his life. The point is this: by saddling you with the immense burden of pedophilia, God is extending you an offer to commune with Him on a level that He just doesn’t hand out to most people. You see, the world is wrong about you. You’re not some screwed up piece of trash. Instead, you’ve been chosen out for a very special opportunity by the One everything revolves around.



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