Charlie Craig #fundie

multiculturalism is a euphemism for media induced zeitgeist that whites are evil so they need to give away their land and destroy their own race to atone for the sins of their ancestors. It's incredibly racist to allow everyone BUT whites to organize based on their race. Race is real, it is not a social construct at all. You can get a dna test and with just 12 markers find out exactly what region of the world your ancestors came from. All non-blacks are part neanderthal, which was actually an advantage for non-blacks, It increased their cranial capacity and they learned inherited an amazing culture that survived for tens of thousands of years which included art, music(the first musical instruments were neanderthal flutes) knowledge of cold weather survival, weaponry, tools, ect. Neanderthal had light skin and hair which is a trait that still exists only in their hybrid descendants. The point is race is real and each race has the right to its territory and the right to keep their territory homogeneous. Multiculturalism is white suicide, it only exists in white countries. We are in a recession, we have record high unemployment. We still let in immigrants and debate on whether the tax payer should pay for the houses, healthcare, education, ect of ILLEGAL aliens who are often criminals and drug mules. The birthrate among whites is 1.1 per family. meaning when to people have sex they on average only have one child to replace them for the next generation while Arabs have a birthrate of 8.2. China, even with the one child policy, still manages to have an average birth rate of 12.31. It's genocide by media control of information and opinion, marxist style infiltration of the education system to teach everyone that whites are evil and they killed millions of natives(when they only killed thousands, small pox and other pathogens killed millions without any help from the white devil) and they were the only slavers in history and no whites slaves ever existed or exist today...

If you think there isn't a system discrimination against whites called "affirmative action, multiculturalism, political correctness, Diversity," then you should ask yourself, Is there a white history month? White student Union? White Scholarship programs? A League of White Nations? national council of la blanca raza(there's the national council of la raza or the race if you don't speak any spanish because you're too far north to be forced to learn spanish because of the open borders.) Well there isn't any of those and if anyone tried to create any one of those organizations or even suggest that whites exist and have their own interests like every other race then it automatically activates years of media and education indoctrination that usually just creates rage in the mind of the individual who will then use verbal slander or physical violence to suppress any sentiment from ever being said in the future for fear of more backlashes. In some countries(germany, Austria, france) you can be arrested for hate speech if you advocate white existence or european ethnic identity(meanwhile muslims riot throughout Europe every other year or any times someone draws a cartoon of their prophet, or writes a book exposing their barbaric religion. Don't believe the lies. You have a right to exist, we all do, but the only way to do that is to have limited contact with other cultures. Trade and nothing else.



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