Anna Diehl #fundie

If God lies, we can’t trust Him. This is human logic. IT IS NOT TRUE WITH GOD. But it feels like it must be true, for how can you possibly trust someone who deceives you? You can. No, it does not make sense, but many things about the faith don’t. As long as we’re talking about lying, we’re still talking about understanding. When God lies, we feel like we don’t “know” Him anymore, hence the panic. This is because on earth, understanding someone is critical to knowing them and trusting them. If you’re going to enter deeper levels of spiritual maturity, at some point, God is going to teach you to unlink the concepts of understanding and trust where He is concerned.

If we are to go all the way with God, we must learn to focus all of our trust on His CHARACTER instead of His BEHAVIOR. This is a tall order for us humans and making this switchover is a terrifying process. But it’s critical, for God is not human. He is so huge and complex that we can’t even begin to fully grasp Him. He has goals that we don’t know about, and achieving those goals means He is going to act in ways that make no sense to us at all, like cursing the entire human race because one woman ate a piece of fruit. Or like saying He’s too holy to stand the presence of sin, and then having His equally holy Son come down and take all that sin on Himself. Doesn’t make sense. It can’t, and it won’t. If we get stuck in “I have to figure it out” land, we’ll miss so much that God wants to give us. So our need for logical understanding must be ripped out of our cores and we must learn to become satisfied with knowing God is good in Character, no matter how badly He behaves.



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