Rev. Chauncey Grizzley #fundie

[In response to an Onion AV article talking about how Kirk Cameron will only kiss his wife on the set. Someone think's he's a fool.]

I, for one, am very sick of this anti-Christianity attitude that is present on the AV Club. Kirk Cameron is an accomplished actor who has made a second career for himself doing the Lord's work, and I think that is more than can be said for most of the losers who frequent this board. Most of you are undoubtedly unrepentant sinners and homosexuals who will one day find themselves roasting in a lake of fire, and on that day (and the eternity of days following) you will wish that you had listened to the wisdom offered by a certain former-child star from the 1980s.

And those of you who always trot out that banana thing- the fact is that Comfort's point and logic were sound even if the specific example he cited can be interpreted in a different way by those whose minds are clouded by the obfuscations and lies of the devil.



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