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[In response to a comment about the growing irrelevance of the current Republican party]:

gee imagine how silly some of us are. the thought of a woman killing her unborn disturbs some of us .the thought of 2 men and i use the term men lightly getting married puzzles us or 2 women puzzles us. the illegals do you know what illegal means. coming to this country when good decent people are trying to come here the decent way angers us . when you sick lib. believe in everything that is destrictive and godless. your party is pure filth and homosexuals like you are pathetic. why dont you watch some movies of doctors killing these children that shold cheer you up. than take out a marriage license so you can marry a duck . a male duck. get on your knees which is something you must do a lot of and pray to your hero the demon barrack o bama



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