Brandon Martinez #racist alt-right.com

So far we’ve seen videos emerge of chinks purposely spreading the virus in public, a chink in China wiping newly manufactured face masks on his dirty shoes, and now this chink whore bulk buying up face masks so that Americans can’t get one.

These chinks are waging some kind of covert biological and economic warfare on the West. They’re doing everything they can to harm us and make this situation worse. And they’re doing this most likely at the orders of the Chinese Communist Party which has always had a long-term strategy to overtake the West as global hegemon and impose a totalitarian chink-led world communist government.

Brandon Martinez #racist alt-right.com

“Oh great, the savage chinks have caused another global pandemic.”
“First it was SARS, and now this – all because the chinks have a fetish for eating the dirtiest disease-ridden animals that few other humans would touch with a 50 foot pole.”
“The Chinese are linked to all of the major pandemics in modern times. The reason is that they eat disgusting disease-ridden rodents like bats and they cram their immense population into tiny living spaces, causing odious pollution that sparks viral outbreaks. They then export their homemade viruses to the rest of the world through travel.”

“So we all have to suffer global pandemics because chinks like eating rodents.”