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Wallo's World #fundie atheismexposed.tripod.com


“Further, neurological research indicates that a particular part of the brain is connected to religious experiences. Perhaps atheists are the product of a genetic deficiency or disorder – and if so, one can only wonder what else is wrong with them. After all, most atheists seem to suffer from delusions of grandeur, convinced that they hold the keys to humanity’s march toward utopia. They are also quite happy to embrace programs to “improve” humanity to suit their own purposes – hardly a coincidence, one would have to suggest, that the most repressive regimes of recent days have all been formulated along atheistic, humanist principles. One can only hope that the possible link between atheism and mental illness is examined honestly before countless others suffer needlessly.”

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Michael Caputo #fundie atheismexposed.tripod.com

[On Philip Pullman]

Should parents allow their children to read his God-undermining books? Secular forces will say "yes." Some liberal pseudo-Christians may actually say "yes" as well. Christians with common sense will instead say, "Don't hand your kids to the lions!" He is an "admitted" lion who wants to divest your kids of all faith in the Christian God. Don't let his "fable-framed," "Satanic" Trilogy get even close to your kids. God demands that we protect our kids from types such as Pullman, and we have the duty to follow His expectations.