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In the first place, cards were invented to amuse an idiotic king, not for the entertainment of itelligent people. Every thought suggested by them is in direct opposition to God and rightousness.

1. The "ten spot" is in opposition to the Ten Commandments.
2. "Clubs" represents a weapon of murder.
3. "Spades," a tool to dig graves, suggests death.
4. "Hearts," holds up the broken heart of Christ for deririon instead of devotion.
5. "Jack" represents a livertine who lives off the gains of fallen women; one who makes business of commerbliplized vice.
6. "King" represents the devil, the king of darkness, the god of this world, the prince of the power of the air, in opposition to God, the king king of all the univers. Satan, the king of darkness, leads and entices men away from God and heaven, downpiano coversd to hell.
7. "Queen" represents Mary in a slanderous way. Semiramis, the mother of Nimrod, the great-grandson of Noah, set herself up in opposition to God and instituted, with her son, every pagan type of religion, all of them opposing God. Knowing that a "Deliverer" should come (Gen. 8:15), Semiramis set herself and son up to be the "Mother and Child." Ancient sculpture shows this plainly. She took the name "Queen of heaven," also "Queen of angels," "Mother of God," etc. She is the "Queen of harlots" and is worshipped as such in every country under different names such as "Diana", "Juno," "Venus," etc. Knowing God's plan, she ran ahead of God under Satan's direction, and every licentious religion on earth and every anti-Jehovah religion sprang from her unholy, rebelious mind. She us a slander on the name of the virgin mother of our Lord.
8. "Joker" represents Jesus, and this is the most horrid blasphemy of all; for the joker is supposed to be the product of an illicit union between the "Jack" and the "Queen."

-- Could any but Satan be the inverntor of a deck of cards?

-- A person is known by the company he keeps.

-- Every dissipation of youth has to be paid for by a draft on old age.