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The Reptilian Connection is a community that believes in Mormonism and Scientology. Mormonism is a secret ancient teaching which believes that human life originated from an alien race from the planet of Kolob. When people die they are taken to the alien worlds to become gods. Another secret teaching, Scientology, is that human souls originated in many different alien worlds, and the souls were brought to earth by an evil overlord named Xenu. Xenu is claimed to exist in the year 75,000,000 B.C. These two connect because apparently Xenu is from Kolob. Both are plots created by reptilian invaders to make people of earth comfortable with visitors from outer space, then taking the people of earth to their home planet to make the human race slaves.The problem with these two religions is that documents for the religions were made and changed over time, the people who discovered the “documents” of these religions both had a desire for wealth and had been imprisoned for illegal activities. The only way to know the truth is to experience it yourself. This makes the problem similar to the sisters who produced the hoax about the fairies. They had a previous interest in the fairies, as do people who join these religions, they are opinionated and biased.