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The Enemy has been busy forcing others to have sex with them. They have a method of copying sex responses and placing these responses within penises and artificial vaginal canals. They copied my vaginal canal and orgasmic response, and placed that response into other artificial canals so that the enemy could insert it into themselves. They then reinacted the same process for the men using one of my lovers as a prototype.

For the past 3 months the enemy has been keeping the males as sex slaves, inflating their penises, and keeping them from leaving. The males sometimes are forced to have 20 or more orgasms in a 12 hour period. Meanwhile this is tied with the usual murder and mayhem and the males are sometimes tortured or murdered. For the past 24 hours they have been placing razor blades and sharp objects into one males penis and head. He’s been suffering very much.

Diana Napolis #conspiracy diananapolis.wordpress.com

New information has been gathered about the perpetrators in this Millennial technological apocalypse waged by Quantum computer. Michael Aquino’s mother, Betty Ford, was High priestess of the satanic Temple of Set which turns out to have been Egyptian in origin. She was also sympathetic to Nazis.

This is important because of the role that Michael Aquino plays (claiming in some circles that he is the Antichrist) and who is really behind his satanic/Egyptian organization, including their High Priests and Administration who have Egyptian names, and who is actually the Antichrist. The TOS claim to worship a Being named Set, a semi benevolent entity well-known in Egyptian ‘myth’. However, that is false. They actually worship a snake/dragon referred to as APEP in Egyptian myth. I believe the name of Set in the TOS organizational name does not refer to Set but to an evil Egyptian by the name of SETI who manifested his evil via the form of a snake which actually gives rise to the meaning behind the name ‘The Temple of Set’ Seti’s family members were Ramses, I II and III, Apepi, Hatsheput, Hathor, and the Ptolemeys I, II and III.

Some might remember that there was an asteroid astrophysicists worried might collide with the planet several years ago. They named that asteroid Apophis which, curiously, is the Greek name for APEP

It is also curious that the name SETI stands for The Search for Extraterrestrial intelligence.

In the 18th dynasty Egypt a spiritual war took place. The principle of Good at that time was named the Amun. Some believe that Pharoah Tutankhamun [Tut] was an incarnation of the Amun. The enemy at that time were Voodoo practitioners from the neighboring African states and the group of people named above who worshipped a snake which incarnated was named the Aten.

On close examination it appears that the Aten has rewritten history and tried to replace the Amun as both ‘God’ and figurehead throughout the country of Egypt and in popular literature , including replacing the female face on the Sphinx with his own.

The news recently reports that DNA research also includes reserecting ‘mummies’ from Egypt