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Y-San #pedo forums.animeuknews.net

your forgetting about everyone's favorite pedo Mr. Kimura from azumanga daioh , he was a pedo and funny ( in a weird way).

He's a perfectly normal person when he's not around kids

Pedo's are just people that are funny ( in a weird way)

this shows that pedo's can be normal member's of society as well.

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Shirayuri #pedo forums.animeuknews.net

If someone were to say to you "You cannot announce the fact you are homosexual or society will segregate you to the extent of creating a petition to kick you out of their town", would you feel it fair? Because, this is the same thing. A pedophile cannot "come out" about how they feel.


Any sexuality (exluding being heterosexual, obviously) has had this stigma at some point. Seriously, if people are into hentai, they get accused of all sorts of ****. Even if the characters in that hentai are consenting, it's all because most people cant understand why someone might watch hentai.

The "Anime is for kids" argument works the same way. People dont understand why an adult would watch a 'cartoon', so they question it, while pushing it away.


Homosexuals, until recently were heavily segregated against. There was even legislation allowing the arrest of homosexuals who kissed in public! Homosexuals had a very hard time being accepted by society. I have some case studies i've done that were frankly ludicrous if you need examples, but I really doubt you do.

Pedophiles are getting the same treatment. They're heavily segregated against, and if they openly said "I'm attracted to children", they'd probably get flogged in the street. That is what is wrong. They get punished for feeling a natural urge. They are forced to be repressed, depressed, and lonely. No individual should be forced to feel this way in a civilized society.

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Outlawstar #conspiracy forums.animeuknews.net

I cant say I dont feel a slight tinge of justification towards those who have called me just the @crazy consiracy theorist who knows nothing about so called real science, hopefully this will wake many people up to the dogmatic pathetically politically oriented priesthood science has become.

This has now been confirmed as real and many of those involved are being pressured to step down from their positions, and all this in light of the upcoming Copenhagen treaty, which effectively seals our fate and lays the groundwork for the systematic destruction of first world economies and and massive transfer of wealth from 1st to 3rd world countries, though the likes of carbon taxes etc, carbon taxes effectively meaning we are taxing breathing, and the new President of Europe stated recently, this will be the first year of global governance, and copenhagen is the reason why.

Dont let this story fade, spread it far and wide, it is one of the most important stories of the century and unless addressed in the context of copenhagen, will be a travesty.

This is just confirmation of what many already knew, that Anthropogenic Global warming is one of the worst scams in history.

Just look at the man behind it and what he is brought to, the snakeoil soon to be green billionaire was recently caught photoshopping the image of his book and saying it was nasa data, making the effects of global warming seem worse, and then of course theres his famous hockey stick graph scam, and this scumbag won a Nobel Prize?

Sometimes I just dont know, then again if you know who owns the Nobel Prize System, it becomes pretty obvious.