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The line Gobber says in HTTYD 2 went right over my head.

“This is why I never married, that and one other reason.”

I happen to find out the meaning of this on a youtube video. I am very disappointed. Gobber has always been a great character to me. And him being gay is very upsetting. This might be insulting to some people, but one of my favorite characters being gay is insulting to me. I am just posting my opinion, I am sure most of you will not agree with me. I probably will just have to pretend he meant something else by it.

I know this forum loves the rules, so if this against the rules than ban me. I know freedom of speech is no longer aloud.

To clarify, I do not hate gay people. I simply think that it should not take place in HTTYD. Gobber never seemed to be a character who is gay, and I doubt that there were gay vikings like gay people today.

I don't think being gay is right, but there are lots of things people do that aren't right. I am not a homophobe.

To me Gobber is not gay, take from that what you will.