I don’t care about men’s feelings #sexist idontcareaboutmensfeelings.tumblr.com

you cannot trust men. yes, it is a generalization. and it is absolutely correct. it is a universal truth.

you, as a woman (which means female, let’s get this clear) should not and cannot trust a man.

men know what they are doing. men know when it’s time to attack you and when it is still too risky for them to do so. men know which girls are easier to attack and which girls they may not get away with if they attack them, which girls are “marriage material” and should not be attacked. men know what’s the place and time. or maybe they just don’t feel like it. right now.

maybe your husband/boyfriend never laid a hand on you. he never coerced your for sex. he never yelled at you. but he might one day - one day he has had one too many beers. one day he decides you’re too deep in the marriage/relationship to fight back. one day he sees that he can hurt you and get away with it. maybe he hasn’t yet because you’re his madonna - other “whores” have gotten the violence in your place. maybe his ex girlfriend. his ex wife. his stepdaughter. your daughter.

you are never safe with a man. never. and if one hasn’t hurt you - you’re lucky. you just have plain, sheer luck.