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Letter to the Editor: Stop rocketing into space; that will help with weather

So much is being said and written about all the flooding problems with so many solutions to those problems that I think we should build a dome completely over North Dakota and put in a sprinkler system for the land. Set the dome bottoms on all the waterways so the dome would restrict any water more than what the waterways could without flooding.

Or on the other hand we could just stop all rocketing into space, that would curtail the flooding problems. Germany invented the rocket in 1929. They wanted to stick something in the giant blue above our heads (well today it is mostly gray and cloudy), we had the Dirty ’30s, could not beg a decent rain. This happened again in 1988 after Russia put up the Mir space station. I read where we had the least amount of moisture ever. Now NASA can’t blast off enough and we are mud city.

The Bible talks about the Tower of Babel, where the people of that era were going to build a tower to the heavens. The Almighty confused them and they gave up on that. If NASA would do that at least it wouldn’t be breaking a law of the earth, the speed of sound. And we would have something to look at for all the billions NASA spends. Not to mention all the money the world could save from rebuilding and redoing because of the weather devastations. Climate change is rocketry and not pollution. Wake up!