Vince LaRue #fundie larues2chile.com

(on why the Reina-Valera 1865 is the “True Word of God” in Spanish)

The most obvious and blatant error committed willfully and openly by the Gomez revisers is that they capitalized (selectively) pronouns referring to the godhead! This is a behavior that only exists in modern perversions, such as the aforementioned NKJV. In their haste to bow to modern language, orthography, and grammatical rules, they followed the same course as the NKJV, while missing key pronouns that also refer to God (Genesis 49:10 being key among them). Not even the RV1960, littered with egregious textual errors, made this serious of a blunder, in overlooking a prophecy of Jesus Christ by forgetting to capitalize His pronoun.

Matthew 1:23 in the Gomez Bible has the second person plural future tense “llamarás” (thou shalt call), which is a spurious reading found only in one manuscript that agrees with the Critical Text about 90% of the time. This reading also agrees with both the RV1909 and the RV1960, while disagreeing with both the King James (“they shall call”) and the RV1865 (“llamarán”). Of course this obvious textual error is based on modern textual criticism, and only a Critical Text “Bible” would contain such an error.


Based on these and many other reasons, for which a book would need to be written in order to properly catalogue them all, I completely reject the so-called “Reina-Valera” Gomez Bible and stick with the Bible that God provided in the Philadelphian church era, along with all of the other faithful Protestant Bibles. The true Reina-Valera line of Bibles, which ended with the edition of 1865, were all translated by Spaniards, men who were physically persecuted for their faith by the Roman harlot, and their honesty and sincerity in dealing with the text outshines any translation work since 1880. I wouldn’t trade my 1865 for a Gomez any sooner than I’d trade my KJB for a NKJV. God provided His words in English in 1611, and He spoke for the final time in Spanish in 1865.